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Great Shot! 10 Stunning Travel Photos of Photoblog

Nothing tells a travel story more succinctly than striking visuals. From Travel 3Sixty Photoblog’s growing collection of inspiring images from all over the world shared by our fans, here are 10 wonderful photos that we and our fans love. Take a look at how they captured the picture perfect moment.

Compiled by: Abby Yao

On paper, taking the right shot is highly complicated because of all the elements a photographer needs to consider. There’s colour and lighting, composition, and a subject that is changing by the millisecond; but with a good camera (not necessarily the most expensive) and an eye for a well framed picture, producing a masterpiece is only a matter of time, assuming you’re in the right place at the right time.

The light in the woods

Nature produces some of the most mind-blowing scenes on earth. Nothing comes close to the scale that miles of deserted landscape bring to an image.

     Who expects drama in the forest if there’s no wildlife to be seen? Just add an unexpected twist, like the golden tones of this photo taken in the rugged highlands of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Cemoro Lawang, Mount Bromo, Surabaya, Indonesia by Hubert Lam Soon Loon

Zooming in closer to the trees, the observant traveller will find rich texture in the most subtle hues. A place literally called Hell Valley can look ethereal in the coldest of seasons.

Jikoku Dani, Japan by Mikael Wardhana

Of water and light

Sunsets are often a jaw-dropping kaleidoscope of rich hues and shades blended seamlessly into one amazing shot! On a lucky day, Kota Kinabalu’s famous sunset becomes truly fabulous.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia by Jeffrey Lee Jia Chang

Angkor Wat, Angkor, Cambodia by CW Lim

Water brings in the much-needed magic to structures ancient and new, highlighting many points of interest. The silhouette of Angkor Wat’s lotus bud-shaped towers (above) in Siem Reap gets double the exposure, while the misty reflections mountains cast on the water in Yangshuo, China (below) are almost surreal.

Yangshuo – Guilin Quangxi, China by Imam Fauzi

The big city excites, challenges and amazes even the most accomplished shutterbug, as in the modern skyline of Singapore’s Central Business District that captures the attention of this traveller, thanks to the chromatic electric lights reflected on the water.

Central Business District, Singapore by Nazarudin Wijee

Creature feature

When it comes to living subjects, animals are the true test of patience. Still, taking plenty of shots often reaps its benefit. Sometimes the right distance spells the difference and good cropping can do wonders. In the absence of a telephoto lens, a steady hand and fast shutter speed will help spot critters in the wild or in the zoo.

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia by Vincensius Hary Wiyono

Sydney, Australia by SS Shee

In character

Finally, there is the human subject. The un-posed, day-in-the-life tableau is genuinely enlightening. Capturing the right moment tells the enthralling tale behind the individual.

Banda Islands, Maluku, Indonesia by Gustavo Colnaghi Schiavon

Kochi, India by Pushparaaja

Do you have travel photos with the power to inspire? Share them with us! We’re always on the lookout for more amazing images for our Photoblog.

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    Very exquisite photos! It draws me into the picture & made me feel like I am there…. Thts what a good picture does… :)

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