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Great Shot! Travel Malaysia in 10 Photos

Calling all shutterbugs! If you think you’ve seen the best of Malaysia, it’s time to show us what you’ve got. We’re looking for the most stunning images of Malaysia and we’re sure you have a few up your laptop sleeve. To get you started, here are 10 picks from all over the country, from Langkawi off the peninsula all the way east to Sipadan, as shared by our fans on the Travel 3Sixty Photoblog.

Compiled by Abby Yao

Malaysia shines in photographs and we have found some special travel images through Travel 3Sixty’s Photoblog, where you can share your shots and let your work be seen by your fellow travellers. See if you can top these photos, selected from our Photoblog favourites.


1) Tioman Island, Pahang by NG LG

There are sunsets everywhere, but not all places are as amazing as the islands off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The sun and the clouds love to put on a spectacle. You just have to go out and capture it.


2) Mt Kinabalu, Sabah by AZLI WAHAB

Everybody wants a picture of the summit. But if you look away from the peak at the break of day, there’s magic in the sky, fleeting and momentary. Will you brave the cold and sacrifice sleep to see this for real? Most definitely!


3) Siti Khadijah Market, Kelantan by BRIAN MOH

Surrounded by a riot of flavours and colours, a human subject is an interesting focal point when the eye is bombarded with variety.

Kuala Lumpur-skyline-Malaysia-Travel-3Sixty-AirAsia-Photoblog

4) Kuala Lumpur by ILYA MIKHAYLOV

Haze, the bane of photographers and sightseers, can sometimes be a good thing, even lending a painterly look to this picture.


5) Jalan Burma, Penang by KANWAL SANDHU

Good things come to those who wait. Long exposure maps of roads are usually very orderly affairs, with parallel trails of light. This one shows swerves and turns—as much a portrait of the Malaysian driver as of the road system.


6) i-City Shah Alam, Selangor by HERU KUSUMAPUTRA

A forest of artificial trees does not sound interesting…until you light it up. The colours may be far from real, but to those who see them, the feeling of childlike glee is only natural.


7) Sipadan, Sabah by PAUL RAYMOND TASEM

Live animals are not easy to capture in their habitat but here, the anemone fish are right at home.


8) Bako National Park, Sarawak by KIP PATRICK

Man and monkey go back a long way. A curious baby animal startled by human presence comes off as cute, even to non-zoologists.


9) Langkawi Geopark, Kedah by GERRY ROBESA

Another long exposure piece, this photo of a stream gushes with promise. Malaysia is blessed with natural beauty and its many parks are great escapes from the city.


10) Cameron Highlands, Pahang by VLADIMIR PANCHEKHIN

Rolling tea plantations in the highlands have the sweeping curves and the low clouds that are the stuff of dreams.

BONUS! We couldn’t help but slip in an 11th photo for a change in perspective. This close-up looks at tradition from a more intimate and personal perspective.


11) Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang by PAUL BASUKI

We’re missing the culture, heritage and city life, but we’re sure you can help us fill in the gaps. Are you up for the challenge? Show us what you’ve got! Share with us your best photographs of Malaysia and they could be chosen to be featured in our upcoming travel guides! View more photos and submit yours via the Travel 3Sixty Photoblog.

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