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How to Meet Someone When You’re Flying

Lamenting your singlehood while travelling on the most sickeningly love-filled day of the year? Fret not, oh loveless one, for all is not lost at 35,000 feet up in the air. 

By: Ari Vanuaranu

Did you know that people tend to be more open to newer experiences and adventures when they are travelling? So what happens when Valentine’s Day cometh and you’re stuck in transit or onboard a plane crossing the South China Sea? Like the millions who fly every year, they are always on the lookout for means to pass the time. Here’s your chance to meet someone new, and perhaps, find a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. 

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Cheesy, we know, but well worth the nervous stutter and sweaty palms


1. Use technology! – Put your smartphone or tablet to work, pronto. There are apps and websites for you to share your itinerary, find someone within your proximity or even meet someone on your flight. Try WeChat, TripLife, Tripit, Blendr, PlentyofFish and HowAboutWe.

2. Pick a seat – A little fee gets you a long way in social circles. If you’re not planning to sleep during the flight, forget the window seat and opt for the aisles. That way, you’ll save yourself from claustrophobia (a symptom usually seen in middle-seaters) and have a chance to meet people on your left and right. Plus, it’s usually easier to get the attention of the Cabin Crew when seated on the aisles. 

3. Rest well – Being well-rested before your flight means you’ll have plenty of energy to strike up a conversation without looking worn-out. Everyone loves a spot of sunshine, so smile away! 

Digital Exclusives,Travel 3Sixty,AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,How to Meet Someone When You’re Flying, Love is in The Air,Look good, smell good, have a good time

Look good, smell good, and have a good time


1. You’re going to the same place! – Wake up and smell the flowers. You’re both heading to the same destination, so that’s foundation for lengthy conversations and discussions. Ask for tips, offer tips, and even discuss and compare your activities. 

2. Look for conversations – There’s always a chance to find common ground. Notice the book that they are reading (“Is Murakami’s new book any good?”), the technology that they are using (“Always wanted to get the new mini iPad. Was it useful for you?), or even the extremely addictive games they’re playing (“Oh my, it’s so sad that Flappy Bird is gone. I only got to 58 flaps”).

3. Share a game or two – Buy a deck of cards from the airport store, or get one onboard. UNO is a safe game to play, but who can say no to Blackjack? ‘Guess The Emoji’ is also a fun guessing game for two (ask your neighbour for help in solving them). 

4. Snacking can be good – Booked your onboard meal? Add in a pack of snack that you can offer to your neighbour. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but trust us, it goes both ways.

5. Chivalry is alive and kicking – No, we don’t think it’s cheesy to send that gorgeous lady two rows in front a lovely dessert. We heard chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so how about Triple Chocolate Muffin?

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Make plans for your holiday, or maybe even plan to go together?

1. For the men only – Be a gentleman and help her with her hand luggage. The baggage carousel will give you plenty of opportunities to be one. 

2. Plan to meet – Give each other space during the holidays, but do see if he/she is interested in ‘grabbing a cup of coffee’. It’s always fun to see a familiar (albeit new) face in a foreign country. 

3. Get connected – No meet-up for you? Dust yourself up from the ashes of rejection and ask for a Facebook name or Twitter handler. Keeping in touch on social media means minimal commitments with maximum possibilities. 

4. They could be looking for you – Not in a creepy way, of course. Both of you exchanged banter, but didn’t have the chance to actually follow through? Take it to the internet. You might find them on sites like WeMetOnAPlane.com, looking to reconnect with you too!

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She’s going to need some help with all those shopping bags! This is your chance :)


– Don’t wear headphones. It’s an instant potential people-repeller. Likewise, don’t push it with someone donning a pair.

– Respect the book. If he/she is reading, do wait until they’ve put their books down before bombarding them with your charming   questions.

– Keep up appearances. It’s everyone’s nightmare to sit next to a stinkball in sweatpants (true story!)

– It’s not you, it’s me. Realise that sometimes it’s the situation and not really the person. It could be the dimmed lights after taking   off. It could be the Taylor Swift song they play while the plane is on taxi. Rejection is not the end of the world.

Coffee, tea and not you. Know when someone is not interested in you and leave them be. From the great number of clueless   people we’ve met, we’ve concluded that it’s actually a social skill that not everyone has. 

Digital Exclusives,Travel 3Sixty,AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,How to Meet Someone When You’re Flying, Love is in The Air,holiday together, couple, love

You may be on your way to a holiday together.


“Want to compare passport stamps? I’ll win because I’ll go to the ends of the world for you” 

“I’m afraid I will set the alarm off because you’re setting my heart on fire” 

“You should be sitting at 10C, because you are the only 10 that I see” 

“A layover wouldn’t be so bad if it’s with you” 

“I’d give everything to be your final destination”

Traveling is a great way of meeting like-minded people and there are so many success stories out there to inspire you. We only live once, so go put yourself out there and take a chance on potential relationships that may or may not last a lifetime. Good luck!

  • Citation X

    Does that works with the flight attendants as well? LoL

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel3sixty Travel 3Sixty

      Sure it does! Everybody could use some extra love this season, our gorgeous cabin crew included. Just remember that the cabin crew may be busy, so pick your timing wisely before you decide to strike up a conversation with them. Everything is always worth a try, so good luck! 😉