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Beef Macaroni Schotel & Nasi Kebuli with Chicken Kalio, Potato Sambal and Pineapple Pacri

To welcome the School Holidays and Ramadan, Indonesia AirAsia came up with two special meals for the two very special occasions. Our guest reviewer is more than happy to share her take on both!

Guest Reviewer: Syaheeda Atiqah Binti Hishamuddin

Don’t miss out on our special Beef Macaroni Schotel! Available on all QZ flights (except for flights from / to Australia).

Beef Macaroni Schotel 

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  • Price: IDR50.000, comes with Floridina Orange Juice
  • Availability: Onboard
  • Per serving: 461.61 energy, 21.23g protein, 44.56 carbo, 19.65g total fat

The name ‘Macaroni Schotel’ sounded foreign to me, and then I found out that Macaroni Schotel is one of the dishes that Indonesia inherited as a Dutch colony. ‘Schotel’ is a Dutch word for ‘dish’ and it’s basically the Indonesian version of Macaroni Casserole.

     It’s my first time to taste Macaroni Schotel with Beef, and I really, really like it! I’m always up for anything with beef, but what I especially love from the dish is the distinct taste of nutmeg, which is the trademark of the Spice Islands. The overall taste of the creamy and cheesy meal is mild and I can easily see this as a hit amongst kids. I heard that the basil they use to make the pesto is brought all the way from Australia, which makes it even more special, so you better grab this meal quick as it is only available for this holiday season!

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Nasi Kebuli with Chicken Kalio, Potato Sambal and Pineapple Pacri

Digital Exclusives,Inflight Food Reviews,Travel 3Sixty,AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Inflight Food,QZ flight,School holiday,ramadha,Nasi Kebuli,Chicken Kalio, Potato Sambal,Pineapple Pacri

  • Price: For all flights except those from/to Australia: IDR65.000 (combo onboard), IDR50.000 (a la carte onboard), IDR55.000 (pre-book combo). For flights from/to Australia: IDR75.000 (pre-book combo only). Combo comes with Banana Compote (Kolak Pisang) and Dates (Kurma).
  • Availability: Onboard/pre-book online
  • Per serving: 461.61kcal energy, 21.23g protein, 44.56g carbo, 19.65g fat

The key item of this Arab-Indonesian dish is Nasi Kebuli, which is made from small and fluffy rice grains. It gets its yellow colour from turmeric and fragrance from lightly sprinkled spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and kaffir lime. It makes a good breakfast, brunch or even dinner!

     Next, Chicken Kalio, basically a chicken rendang that is cooked half as long, is lovely when you ladle it over Nasi Kebuli.  What’s Indonesian food without the ever-present sambal? Simple and spicy potato sambal gives the dish the kick it needs. As a Malay girl through and through, I am all too familiar with the sour, sweet and spicy side dish named Pineapple Pacri. Its slightly sharp taste goes really well with the feast of flavours.

     What an extraordinary meal! Its Middle Eastern influence serves as a reminder of the blessings of Ramadan while its local flavour translates as home to the people of the region—two things that remind me of the season’s festivity. I hope they will have this meal every Ramadan!

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