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Bukhara Chicken Briyani & Chicken Satay

If you’ve always wondered about the assortment of tasty smells that waft in the plane during meal time, then wonder no more! This month we share the magic taste that revolves around our favourite inflight meals that are known far and wide.

By Haze Jalalludin

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Bukhara Chicken Briyani

  • Price: RM12
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights (Pre-book only)
  • Per serving: 389 kcal, 12.3g protein, 47.1g carbs, 16.9g fat

AirAsia-Inflight-Food-Review-airplane food--Travel3sixty-Bukhara-Chicken-Briyani

I’m usually not one to pick rice dishes, but this one has certainly won my heart. Every grain of rice was surprisingly moist and has absorbed all the spices it was cooked with especially the well pronounced tumeric alongside the special blend of Bukhara masala, which makes every spoonful of mildly spicy tender chicken chunks coupled with sweetly spiced fruit acar (pickled fruits) just heavenly to the bite. Another difference compared with the normal briyani is that it’s cooked with long grain rice that’s known for its lower starch content that gives you that nice satiated feeling and none of that overstuffed stomach.

Chicken Satay

  • Price: RM12
  • Availability: Available on all AK & QZ flights (Pre-book only)
  • Per serving: 483kcal, 24.6g protein, 44.2g carbs, 23.2g fat

AirAsia-Inflight-Food-airplane food-Travel 3Sixty-review-Chicken-Satay

Snacking inflight is just a fun way to pass time, that’s why this chicken satay is something you must have for any flight. It serves as either a small light meal or a hearty hot snack. The chicken chunks that were much bigger than my thumb were nicely marinated as I could taste hints refreshing lemongrass that danced on my tongue. With much gusto I dunked stick after stick into the luscious creamy peanut sauce because I couldn’t get enough of the yummy medley of flavours from the chicken, sweet cool compressed rice cakes and crunchy red onion pieces.

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