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Chicken Mayo with Apple Sandwich

“Chicken Mayo must be the safest filling for a sandwich ever.” Our guest writer Eliot’s expectations were exceeded when he took a bite of our latest inflight offering – with a crunchy refreshing surprise!

Guest Reviewer: Eliot Lee

Don’t miss out on our surprisingly delightful sandwich! Available for pre-book online and onboard as well!

Chicken Mayo with Apple Sandwich

  • Price: RM10 (onboard), RM9 (pre-book)
  • Availability: Onboard/pre-book online 
  • Per serving: 356kcal energy, 17.5g protein, 43.8g carbo, 12.3g fat


Chicken Mayo – a modest and simple sandwich, pleasant but unassuming. A safe choice to have, but at the same time, I’ll bet you’ve never heard anyone say “Hands down, he makes the best Chicken Mayo Sandwiches this side of the equator!”. My eyes slipped ever so dismissively over those two words on the menu, till they snagged on a single, simple word: apple.

     It was a Chicken Mayo sandwich with apple chunks inside – a breath of fresh air to a tried and tired recipe. Suddenly, my interest was piqued. Now, this was a sandwich worth trying.

    I unwrapped the long rectangular box, the fragrant bread aroma wafted into my nostrils. The soft, fluffy bread cradled the generous portion of chicken mayo, as I spied the tell-tale apple chunks mixed together in perfect harmony. I took a bite. Then another. And another.

    Instead of the usual predictable chicken mayonnaise filling, the apple worked well to not only add some crunch in the creamy mayo, but provide a refreshing sweetness to balance out the heavily-textured filling. The powerful combination was paired with plump slices of tomato – altogether making this a revolutionary recipe worthy of Michelin-star Chef Heston Blumenthal’s bizarre experimental cuisines.

    AirAsia made their point with the sandwich – the smallest surprises can make the biggest differences.

Available for pre-book online and onboard as well!