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Coconut Rice Poppers, Ho Fan Bowl and Chicken Slices & Chicken Sandwich

In December, we’re going healthy and wholesome with some quick bites onboard as part of the AirAsia inflight food review! This time, we’ve got one of our writers who constantly has his desk drawers stuffed with culinary spoils.

By: Ari Vanuaranu

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Coconut Rice Poppers

  • Price: RM5
  • Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving: 387.6 kcal energy, 4.2g protein , 81.9g carbo, 4.8g fat

Coconut Rice Poppers-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel360-Travel 3sixty-inflight-menu-AirAsia Cafe

As an indiscriminate snacker, I often face disapproval from my health-conscious teammates every time I pop open an unhealthy bag of potato chips or a fattening bar of chocolate. This time, no more jeers from them because this healthy snack comes with only 4.8g of total fat per 100g! The sweet and savoury flavour combination of this crunchy snack is simply addictive and absolutely delicious! A way healthier choice than the buttery popcorn one gets in the cinemas. I am going to stock up on them the next time I fly with AirAsia as they are perfect for game nights or movie nights with friends!

Ho Fan Bowl (Abalone & Chicken Soup Flavour)

  • Price: RM7
  • Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving: 298 kcal energy, 6g protein , 51g carbo, 7g fat

AirAsia Cafe-Ho Fan Bowl-noodle-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel360-Travel 3sixty-inflight-menu

Who doesn’t love instant cup noodles? Just pour hot water, wait for a few minutes and voila! It’s the best instant gratification ever! This is my first try at instant ho fan (flat rice noodle) cup though, so I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be good; the noodles were the right texture and perfectly springy after 3 minutes, although you can let it soak for a longer period of time if you prefer the noodle to be softer. I used less water than recommended so I could enjoy a richer abalone and chicken broth. Not bad at all for a first time!

Chicken Slices & Chicken Sandwich

  • Price: RM9
  • Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving: 451 kcal energy, 150g protein , 60.5g carbo, 16.6g fat

AirAsia Cafe-Chicken Slices and Chicken Sandwich-sandwich-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel360-Travel 3sixty-inflight-menu

The Indonesian in me prefers hot meals even for breakfast, but I must say that I don’t actually hate this one. The chicken and cheese go well together, and instead of the usual local cucumber, kyuri (Japanese cucumber) was used for that interesting fresh crisp and tingle. Surprisingly, the sandwich was not soggy despite a long flight because the veggies and meat were stacked at their driest to preserve the ingredients (I have friends in AirAsia Café). Cold sandwiches may not be quite my thing, but since this one has rated pretty high in my books, I may just be open to even trying out cold milk and cereal for breakfast next! 

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