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Creamy Chicken Soup, Tuna ala Tortilla Wrap and Baked Cheese Cake

We kickstart this new year with some healthy yet sinful choices that will make you crave for more when you fly with us! 

Guest reviewer: Hsu Jen

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Creamy Chicken Soup in a Cup

  • Price: RM6
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving:  118 kcal energy, 3g protein, 14.2g carbo, 5g fat

 creamy-chicken soup-inflight food-AirAsia-warm-delicious-homely-Travel 3Sixty-airplane food-prebook

When I’m flying high and away from the comforts of home, I sometimes crave for something familiar to keep me company on board. This chicken soup really hit the spot! Fill it up with hot water and give it a stir. Then, watch the steam rise and grip the cup tight to warm up those cold hands. Now sip and enjoy! The savoury chicken flavour was rich and just right, but it could have done with fewer bits of carrots and chives. Warm, satisfying and deliciously creamy, it is definitely on my list the next time I find myself on a particularly chilly flight.

Tuna ala Tortilla Wrap

  • Price: RM9
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving:  487 kcal energy, 23.4g protein, 57.4g carbo, 18.1g fat

Tortilla wrap-tuna-AirAsia-inflight food-airplane food-Travel 3Sixty-review-healthy-sandwich-vegetables-balanced

I’m more of a chicken or beef sort of gal, but having tuna in my tortilla wrap was a refreshing change. The tuna chunks were well-seasoned with just enough mayonnaise to black pepper ratio for that little bit of spiciness that any Malaysian craves (no messy mayo dripping unto my well-tailored skirts this time!). The carrots, cucumbers and green lettuce keep the tortilla fresh and will satisfy any fussy parent. I’ll definitely rethink my usual cheese-laden tortilla wrap habits at my next dinner party!

Baked Cheese Cake

  • Price: RM7
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving:  261 kcal energy, 5.9g protein, 17g carbo, 18.8g fat 

baked cheese cake-delicious-creamy-soft-AirAsia-inflight food-airplane food-Travel 3Sixty-cheesy-sinful-review-prebook-meals

I wish you could see my face as I took my first bite of this delicious cheese cake – that would have perfectly illustrated how much I loved it! All intentions of sharing this with my friends went out the window as I quickly devoured this delectable delight – light and airy without the overpowering cheesy taste (not too sweet either – for those who like their desserts subtle). It was an almost poetic experience to have such a fluffy, cloud-like cake melting slowly in my mouth as the real clouds went flying past the window next to me. This is the best kind of dessert to have – it leaves you with room for just one more serving, because you know you won’t be able to resist.

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