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Nasi Hujan Panas with Beef Rendang & Wajik and Lamb Kathi Kebab Wrap

What better way to kick off the Ramadhan month with some delectable Raya food, enjoyed with style, 35,000 feet up in the air!

By Irvin Hanni

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Nasi Hujan Panas with Beef Rendang & Wajik

  • Price: RM19
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights or pre-book online now!
  • Per serving: 413kcal energy, 15.1 protein, 63.1g carbo, 11g fat


Every year, my mom will cook her famous Nasi Hujan Panas for the first day of Raya, so I’m no stranger to this delicious meal. Imagine my delight when I found out that AirAsia will start serving Nasi Hujan Panas with Beef Rendang & Wajik as part of their Raya Meal combo!  

     As I opened the package with much anticipation and excitement, the wonderful aroma filled my nostrils. True to tradition, the rainbow-coloured rice is cooked to perfection with ghee and herbs, complemented by the juicy acar on the side made from pineapple, cucumber, red pepper and pickled onion, while the finishing touch is the ever flavourful and tender beef rendang.

     The appetizing fare comes with a mini dessert and drink of choice too! Neatly packaged in a box, the soft texture and sweet taste of the wajik (sweet glutinous rice) melted perfectly in my mouth, and after deciding between the coffee, Darjeeling tea and Minute Maid orange juice, I went for the latter which was perfect for a refreshing taste after the savoury meal. A very fulfilling Raya meal indeed, followed by another fulfilling Raya tradition – a good nap!

     While I am genetically obliged to say that my mom’s cooking is the best in the whole universe, my overall impression of AirAsia’s Nasi Hujan Panas is two thumbs up!  

Lamb Kathi Kebab Wrap

  • Price: RM10
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving: 528kcal energy, 77.7g carbo, 19.4g protein, 15.5g fat


The first word that comes to mind as I take a bite into this Lamb Kathi Kebab Wrap: DELICIOUS! Wrapped in soft tortilla bread and a blanket of fresh vegetables, a dash of mayo and coriander chutney, along with the star ingredient – a chunky piece of juicy lamb kebab, it was definitely ‘love at first bite’! The lamb was delightfully marinated with spices, and balanced perfectly with the other ingredients.

     The set comes in two generous portions, and it was more than enough to satisfy my tummy on a two-hour plus flight from Bandung back to Kuala Lumpur. So, I decided to share the other piece with my friend, who I noticed has been eyeing it as I munched away with great enthusiasm. A quick bite that is well worth my money!