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Tandoori Chicken Wrap and Pancakes

Miles above the air and tummy is craving for some delicious treats. So many options which one do you go for? Perhaps something light yet filling? Let’s check out the Tandoori Chicken Wrap and Pancakes!

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Tandoori Chicken Wrap

Guest Reviewer: Philip Gan 

  • Price: RM9
  • Availability: Pre-book only
  • Per serving: Energy: 564kcal, Total Fat: 21.8g, Carbs: 64.8g, Protein 27.3g              
  • Ingredients: Tortilla, Tandoori Chicken Slices, Green Coral, Cucumber Slices, Chopped Mint Leaf, Chopped Coriander Leaf, Mayonnaise 

Air-Asia-AirAsia-Travel-3Sixty-Travel360-Tandoori-Chicken-Wrap-inflight meals-snacks

I was never a huge fan of sandwiches or wraps simply because of their usual meagre size that could never satisfy my big manly appetite. I did however decide to order the Tandoori Chicken Wrap onboard to fill my hunger pangs, and boy was I surprised! The fresh vegetables and tasty tandoori chicken bits served a tasty treat worth every bit the RM9 I paid for. The mustard mayo inside kept the tortilla wrap moist and complemented the wrap with every bite.


Don’t let the modest size of the wrap fool you like it did me because it compensated big time with its savoury flavour that’s gratifyingly filling. I chose to top off the meal with the perfect cup of Lipton Ice Tea Green Tea to quench my thirst – refreshing and not overly sweet! Just the way I like it!

     Now ask me again if I would order the Tandoori Chicken Wrap and my answer will be “GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” *rawr*

Pancakes with Butter and Maple Syrup

Guest reviewer: Amanda Loong

  • Price: RM 9
  • Availability: Pre-book only
  • Ingredients: Egg, Sugar, Emulsifier, Water, Milk Powder, Milk Wheat Flour, Cooking Oil, Salt, Sorbitol, Raising Agent and Vanilla Flavour.
  • Condiments: Butter and Maple Syrup
  • Per Serving: Energy: 238kcal, Total Fat: 10.7g, Carbs: 31.0g, Protein 4.4g 

Air-Asia-AirAsia-Travel-3Sixty-Travel360-Pancakes-Butter-Maple-Syrup-inflight meals

Being a huge pancake fan, you can guess that my expectations for every pancake tried and consumed are pretty sky high. The same goes for the one I ordered onboard. As I opened the packaging, the sweet fragrance wafted into my nostrils, sending my appetite into a hungry frenzy. The first bite definitely did not disappoint, in fact, it exceeded my expectations. Served warm and fresh, the pancakes were light, fluffy and full of flavour. A great choice on my part (I’m patting myself on the back), and the food maestro in me would definitely recommend this to my friends who are travelling soon.

Old Town White Coffee

Oh, curse those early flights and heavier-than-lead eyelids! I know it can be really hard to stay awake, so this Old Town White Coffee is just what the doctor ordered! The strong aromatic scent triggered my senses into an awakening. Rich in taste, it was a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Best of all, the flavour stayed and lingered on to a long and rich finish. Highly recommended for coffee lovers! Ah, now THAT’s what I call good coffee.

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