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Triple Chocolate Muffin & The Silent Teddies’ Cookies

Food, glorious food! From this month onwards, we bring you AirAsia’s inflight food reviews which cover best sellers and new hot meals on the menu. Yes, we get paid for eating so you know what to look out for the next time you are on-board AirAsia! 

By Matthew Mok

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Triple Chocolate Muffin with Super Coffeemix 3-in-1

  • Price: RM10
  • Available for online pre-book: Now
  • Available on all AK flights
  • Per serving: 470 kcal energy, 5.6g protein, 59.9g carbo, 23.6g fat

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-Inflight food-AirAsia Cafe-Triple Chocolate Muffin-Muffin

Muffin and chocolate lovers, rejoice! This little piece of heaven simply melts in your mouth as its moist, soft texture teases your sweet cravings. Perhaps a tad too sweet for my liking but other dessert lovers in the team seemed to enjoy every last bite of this chocolatey goodness. Maybe the muffin is made (like most inflight foods) sweeter than usual to bring the right flavour and taste while consumed on-board  After all, human taste buds are less sensitive 40,000 feet up in the air (you didn’t know that? now you do)!

     Wash it off with the pre-mixed coffee for a ‘bitter-sweet’ ending! A yummy combination!

Cookies by The Silent Teddies

  • Price: RM5
  • Available onboard only on all AK flights.
  • Per serving: 297 kcal energy, 4.9 protein, 30.9g carbo, 17.1g total fat

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-Cookies-Silent Teddies-Inflight food

Cookies for a Cause, anyone? Silent Teddies Bakery in Kuala Lumpur is an initiative by the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD) to equip deaf youths with entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to be financially-independent via sustainable long-term projects, while reducing dependency on public funding. The best thing about these cookies is that they are made fresh without preservatives.

     For a mere RM5, enjoy three varieties of cookies in a single box – chocolate chips oatmeal, cashew nut butter, and almond butter – and I especially loved the latter with its tasty ground almonds! It sure feels good to snack on these while knowing I am helping the needy as well – great as gifts for the little ones too! 

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