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Vegetable Pulao Briyani and EQ8 Energy Drink

What one needs for the perfect dining experience 30,000 feet up in the air? A filling meal that warms the stomach and soul, as well as a refreshing sip of natural goodness.

By Ellyse Ng

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Vegetable Pulao Briyani

  • Price: RM15
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights or pre-book online now!
  • Per serving: 410kcal energy, 10.8g protein, 56.7g carbo, 16.2g fat

pulao briyani-vegetarian-rice-pilaf-briyani-masala-inflight review-onboard-prebook-AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty

I’m a good ol’ meat eater, so when I saw the words “vegetable” in front, I wasn’t sure if this was the right choice for my inflight meal. Still, I love my Northern Indian dishes and choosing briyani can never go wrong. Once I opened the silver aluminium food pack, the fragrant aroma wafted into my nostrils. Basmati rice is considered the best quality rice, and its distinctive aroma is further accentuated by the perfectly-cooked Channa Masala. Both go perfectly well with each other, where the combination of the Masala’s flavourful spices and the light, fluffy basmati rice is a ‘match made in culinary heaven’. With generous amounts of green peas, raisins and vegetable subji, this dish packed so much of a punch that I no longer craved for meat during my flight.

EQ8 Energy Drink

  • Price: RM6
  • Availability: Available on all AK flights 
  • Per serving: 103kcal energy, 0.25g protein, 25.5g carbo, 23.3g sugarAirAsia-EQ8-Energy Drink-Inflight Food Reviews-Travel 3Sixty
 Flights are energy draining, and lethargy creeps in especially after a filling meal of briyani. They called it EQ8 (pronounced “equate”), the natural energy drink. I cracked open the orange can and a small fizz escaped the opening. My first sip was a tangy burst of orange and passion fruit – delightfully tingly and refreshing. It’s perfectly sweetened (and mind you, I do not enjoy overly-sweet drinks) by natural ingredients – that means no artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners (double yay!). EQ8 is also made from other nutritional goodies such as green tea, guarana and a nip of natural caffeine. Exactly what I needed for a quick pick-me-up! Needless to say, I arrived at my destination fully energized and ready to take on the day.
Don’t miss out on your onboard goodness! Pre-book these yummy snacks now!