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MTV World Stage 2012: You Rocked Our Socks Off!

Music is a universal language, able to unite people different backgrounds whether it is race, religion or nation. MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia  2012 shows this by its international lineup consisting of artists from different parts of the world.

Review by Joshua Hartanto and Vivi Lee

Joshua: I have to say that I really admire the people behind this event. Kudos to them for being able to come up with such spectacular stage and backdrop! Too bad I have to share my breathing space with Vivi and the rest of these people here. I’m telling you, they are just too easily excited!  They even screamed at even the slightest sight of… OOOOOOOH LOOK! FIREWORKS! Vivi, look! They’re so prettyyyyyyy! Shinyyyyy!

Vivi: Came here with a heavy heart but once inside, my mood immediately went from indifferent to total excitement. The overall setting was really nicely done, and I started to feel like I’m in the middle of an international festival! Well I guess, coming from MTV, it is expected. Sunway Lagoon is the perfect venue for this, the beach-like atmosphere with snack bars, sand and the awesome stage managed to pump my mood up. 

Joshua: Err… No, Bieber. I don’t want you to be my boyfriend. You are too young for me. Besides, I am sure there are at least 5 federal regulations and around 50 state regulations against that. But don’t despair, as I am sure you can find a more suitable candidate among the deafening Beliebers who are restlessly screaming your name into my poor old ears. Is ‘swag’ even a word?

Vivi: Baby, baby, baby.. oooooh! Whatever clichés there may be about the screaming fanatic girls (and boys), well they are all true… and for good reason, if I may say so myself. Justin Bieber oozes that zestful boyish magnetism and effortless swag stage presence that hooked my attention from the get-go. As a closeted Belieber, I couldn’t help but screamed like Christmas came early when he finished his set with the latest single from the new album, “Boyfriend”. Swag!

Joshua: Oh, you and your indie bands can sulk at the corner all you want, Vivi. Like it or not, it’s the golden era of K-Pop girl groups and boy bands! This is the act that I’ve been waiting for- KARA! Kang Jiyoung, Han Seungyeon, Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole and my one and only Goo Hara! They exuberate with such sweetness as they dance and sing among the floating bubbles! Cuteness overload! Brace yourselves because I’m going to dance along with their signature “butt dance”!

Vivi: Hey, yes of course I love my indie bands but that doesn’t mean that I can’t like KARA as well! For all the time that I’ve spent YouTubing their music videos and practising the cheeky dance moves (no I didn’t actually), it was really great to have been able to see them perform live. Spunky K-pop at its best!

Joshua: Okay, I admit. I didn’t know who Mizz Nina was. Guilty as charged. What can I say? Her songs haven’t really hit the charts in Indonesia. But I have come to respect her tonight as I witnessed her ignoring the demanding Jay Park fans who told her off and gave one heck of a performance anyway! I loved her attitude and energy, and her music, of course. I think I’ve found my new favourite Malaysian artist, and she’s coming in really close after Sudirman.

Vivi: Wow, Mizz Nina has really gone a long way since her days with one of Malaysia’s most popular hip-hop bands – The Teh Tarik Crew! She’s gone pop, and managed to slide perfectly into it like the shiny tight leather pants that she was wearing that night. The highlight was when she performed her international hit single Takeover (you know, the one where she originally sang with Flo Rida), complete with fireworks at the end. AWESOME!!

Joshua: Jay Park was the last one to perform, and boy, did he bring it! I was surprised that he’s not as I imagined him to be. Not your typical cookie-cutter Korean boy band member, this guy can seriously sing, dance and even rap! Communication-wise, the American-born star also managed to charm the audience with his fluent English. I think he should’ve shown more skin and it would’ve been perfect. Oops, did I just say that out loud?

Vivi: I have to admit, if it wasn’t for the tattoos I probably wouldn’t have scrambled my way up to the front of the crowd. As I was ogling at the beautiful tattoos, I realized that this guy is pretty dope! From one of the screaming fan girls, I got to know that Jay Park grew up in Seattle, which explained why his English was so impeccable and his rap was so impressive! 

Joshua: The turnout and their cliques: The hysterical girls, the rude fans, loud boys, obnoxious punks and gloomy parents on the lookout of their pre-pubescent children (who were swooning over Bieber) – the energy was undeniable. I could see why this event is such a big thing for the young across the region. Fans flew in from all over Asia and beyond to attend, and it’s truly a melting pot of many nationalities coming together for the love of music.

Vivi: It’s been so long since I’ve been to a world class concert, and it felt great! The atmosphere was on a permanent high and the revellers were super enthusiastic, and the music managed to rock my socks off. Sure, Joshua and I may have our differences in music and everything else in life, but all in all, both of us had a really fun night. Thanks, MTV! (v^_^)v

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  • http://mithunonthe.net/ Mithun Divakaran

    Man, wish I could have been there… for Jay Park!

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      We think he’ll be back, so don’t feel bad about missing him this time around. :-)