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This Week in Travel: Bengaluru Leads in Innovation, World’s First Sports Theme Park, War Tourism, Japanese Dog Becomes Internet Sensation

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Digital Exclusives, Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Malaysia,This week in travel

Digital Exclusives, Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Malaysia,This week in travel, Bengaluru Leads in Innovation,Bengaluru,Infosys

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BENGALURU, ONE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE CITIES ON EARTH Widely regarded as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru brought in an impressive USD17 billion in revenue from the tech sector alone last year, earning it a place in the 18 Most Innovative Cities list that also includes top cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. Published by The Business Insider, the list rates cities based on infrastructure, economy, and innovation.


WORLD’S FIRST SPORTS THEME PARK Racing against Usain Bolt in a 100m Olympics sprint? Once the world’s first sports theme park in Barcelona is built, why not give it a try, right? Though the race will not be with the real Bolt, expect to have a pretty awesome (and tiring) time trying out one of the 50 virtual experiences like skiing, swimming, and football, based on real Olympic games. There will even be award ceremonies to give out the medals! Let’s just hope that there will be a souvenir shop that sells consolation medals too, just in case we don’t make the cut.  😛

Digital Exclusives, Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Malaysia,This week in travel, War Tourism,Bengaluru,Chu Chi Tunnels,Vietnam,Ho Chi Minh City

WAR TOURISM—YAY OR NAY? Some may call it being adventurous, and then there are those who brand it as simply being reckless. Either way, there’s a growing trend to visit war-torn countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and even North Korea. Travel agencies have started to pop up, planning trips that offer a totally off-the-beaten path experience. While this may sound dangerously exciting, we prefer to visit the old war heritage sites like the Cu Chi Tunnels outside Ho Chi Minh City or the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, reminders of the horrors of war.


SHIBA INU WORKS AT STORE, BECOMES INTERNET SENSATION Say hello to the friendliest, cuddliest, most adorable cashier you’ll ever meet! At this little cigarette shop called Suzuki located in Tokyo, a shiba inu (a breed of dog in Japan) by the name of Shiba helps to greet the customers that stop by to purchase a pack. Shiba can often be found napping on the job or snacking on his favourite vegetable zucchini, but it’s all forgiven because he is very kawaii (cute), don’t you agree?  :-)