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This Week in Travel: Hello Kitty is Not a Cat, Extreme Selfies, FREE Wi-Fi Trial Onboard AirAsia

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Digital Exclusives, Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Malaysia,This week in travel

Digital Exclusives, Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Malaysia,This week in travel,Hello Kitty is Not a Cat,Hello Kitty,Johor Bahru,Legoland

HELLO KITTY IS NOT A CAT (WUUUT?!) How’s this as one of the biggest misconceptions of the century? Sanrio, the Japanese company behind one of the world’s most popular fictional characters, has just revealed that Hello Kitty is not a feline, but in fact a forever third-grader named Kitty White who lives just outside of London with her dad George, mom Mary, and twin sister Mimmy. Born on November 1st, she is five apples in height and loves origami and making pancakes. Cat or not, we still love Hello Kitty nonetheless, and are definitely excited to go visit her at the SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN in Johor Bahru!


EXTREME SELFIES  Travellers, especially solo ones, have been taking selfies with the world’s most interesting and beautiful landmarks and landscapes for years. And now a daredevil trend has emerged: extreme selfies. We’re talking about those taken during skydiving, cliff diving, from a fighter jet, and even one on top of the iconic Jesus statue in Rio! Recently we stumbled upon one of the most heart-stopping selfie videos ever, where three teenagers went to the very top of The Centre, Hong Kong’s fifth highest building at 346 metres high and shot this awesomely nerve-wracking (for us!) 360° video of the city skyline. Watch the video above to believe it for yourself!

Digital Exclusives, Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia,Inflight Magazine,Malaysia,This week in travel,inflight Wi-Fi,Free User Trial (FUT),LINE, WhatsApp,WeChat,Vegetable Pasta,How To Meet Someone When You’re Flying ,Wi-Fi

FREE WI-FI TRIAL ONBOARD AIRASIA Great news for those who are flying with AirAsia soon! A new inflight Wi-Fi service is coming up, and AirAsia is now giving a Free User Trial (FUT) on selected flights until end of October 2014. With a quota of 1MB per guest, up to 60 guests per flight can connect via LINE, WhatsApp and WeChat using their smartphones. Make your friends jealous by sending a selfie with the pretty Flight Attendant from more than 30,000 feet on air, or let your family know that you had a delicious Vegetable Pasta onboard. For those who took our advice on How To Meet Someone When You’re Flying and are brave enough to ask the cute girl on row 20 for her number, perhaps you guys can chat immediately instead of waiting until landing for Wi-Fi!