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This Week in Travel: Privacy for Wi-Fi, World’s Best City, and No Travel Restrictions for Ebola Virus (Yet)

Our picks from this week’s travel headlines

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BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING When you access the free Wi-Fi at Helsinki Airport, around 150 white boxes of sensors installed all over the airport will be able to track down your movements throughout its premises. This breakthrough move is definitely useful for the airport to avoid congestions, but what about passenger’s privacy? Finavia, Finland’s state-owned airport operator, ensures that the monitoring will be kept anonymous. The way we see it, the monitoring Wi-Fi service and our beloved/creepy location-detecting dating apps are a match made in heaven.

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WORLD’S BEST Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine have cast their votes and the annual survey crowned Kyoto as the World’s Best City. The ancient capital of Japan is no stranger to the list, having bagged the 5th position in 2013. This year, travellers noted that the draw of the city doesn’t just lie in the thousands of ancient temples and shrines like Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkakuji, but also from its emerging modern and stylish side. Geisha and trendy art galleries? Yes, please!

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CC BY 2.5 Thomas W. Geisbert, Boston University School of Medicine

TRAVELLING FRIGHT With casualties of 672 lives so far, shouldn’t we worry about the Ebola virus spreading beyond Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea via international air travel? According to WHO, the risk of a traveller being infected during a visit to the affected area is extremely low as you need to be in direct contact with blood, secretions, organs or other body fluids of infected living or dead individuals. Risk to fellow travellers is also very low, as Ebola patients are not going to be fit for travelling. As such, the organization is yet to impose travel restrictions to the affected countries. For more info on the virus and the outbreak, visit http://www.who.int/ith/updates/20140421/en/