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Tips on Surviving the Big Bad Wolf Sale [Updated 15:00 PM, 06 December 2013]

When the world’s biggest book sale is in town, the Travel 3Sixty team braves through crowds (and inevitable drowsiness) to stock up on the team’s personal libraries. Here are some tips that will hopefully make your book-browsing experience a good one!

 By ‘the monkeys of Travel 3Sixty Digital’

Tips on Surviving the Big Bad Wolf Sale

Plethora of reading choices for the bookworms in us!

The world’s biggest book sale is happening right here, right now in Malaysia, and we bookworms (to write, you’ve got to love reading, aye?) hopped over to book heaven to grab our fair share of the year’s supply. Needless to say, enthusiasm was at a maximum level, but us self-professed Gleeks were definitely not prepared. Here are some tips on surviving the world’s most challenging book sale…and have fun at it!

Tip #1 – Stay Awake, Stay Dry

If you’re going for the overnight sale, make sure you stock up on coffee! No point going through mountains of books and yet not being able to stay awake. Expect to be in there for hours, so make sure you don’t get hungry. Bathrooms are available but may be a walk away, so do unload your bladder before you head in.

Tip #2 – Bring Out The Old Sweatpants!

Wear comfortable clothes. Don’t worry, there’s no elbowing or pushing, but you’ve got to feel comfortable as you browse through mountains and mountains of books. Also, make sure your shoes are comfortable as you’ll be standing long hours reading through the many synopses on the back covers.

Tip #3 – Friends With Benefits

Bring a friend or two along. Create a system to browse the books and make sure you have a shared wishlist in order to not waste time. Expect an hour queue, so it’ll be good to have someone queuing up whilst you finish off your shopping. Plus, friends are really handy in keeping you from buying disastrous mistakes such as a certain forbidden love saga between a vampire and a human.

Tips on Surviving the Big Bad Wolf Sale

Books are always awesome…unless they come in huge, heavy stacks.

Tip #4 – Be A Trolley Dolly

Your wheelie bag will be your best friend. Why? Because books are heavy when your enthusiasm goes overboard! Carrying them in boxes will not be easy, and putting them in a shoulder bag will channel profits towards your masseuse the very next day. If you have a small portable stool to go along with your wheelie bag, even better! Just make sure to make yourself unrecognisable just in case you bump into a friend whilst holding on to your wheelie bag and tiny stool *grin* (kidding!).

Tip #5 – Massage Included

Bring small change. If you get tired, there are massage chairs upstairs that you can make full use of it. Just put your books on the counter and head on over for some TLC.

Tip #6 – Get Listed

Make a list beforehand and really stick to it. If you are interested in something that’s not in your list, stop and take your time to think it over. Use your phone to browse for additional info and reviews.

Tip #7 – Cash Out

Don’t bite off more than you can chew or you’ll be sorry by the end of the month. Before you go, withdraw enough money and limit yourself to just that. For extra precaution, don’t bring your credit card with you. Keep in mind that ATMs have downtime near midnight as well, and there may not be any around for you to withdraw even more cash.

feet-book-big-bad-wolf-Malaysia-Kurt Cobain

Take a wheelie with you. Your arms will thank you later.

Tip #8 – Navigating the Sea of People

The books are arranged according to their genres. Create a system to browse the books to make your round effective. Start with your favourite genre before venturing out to the unchartered territories.

Tip #9 – Find a Deal

Don’t just pass by those stalls along the way, some of them offer great deals which can help lessen the damage done by overbuying. Look out for cashbacks, discounts and others..

Tip #10 – Play Time

…for both parents and kids. Beware! Parents obsessing over books and abandoning their kids can result in crankiness. You don’t want this to happen to your little angels (and cutting your book-hunting session short)! Drop them off at the playland where they will have a jolly good time while being watched by the crew members. Win-win solution!


Big Bad Wolf-sale-books-travel-lifestyle-Travel 3Sixty-AirAsia-warehouse-tips-health-Mines

Head on over this month! Your mission should you choose to accept it : get the best deals in books, and share them with us! Pic via fb.com/bbwbooks

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale happens from December 6 to 15 at MIECC, Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Click here for more details.

HOW TO GET THERE AirAsia flies to Kuala Lumpur from various destinations. From Kuala Lumpur, MINES Resort City is only 20 mins by car.

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