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Top 10 Mind-Bending Vending Machines

Everyone loves the convenient emotion-less vendors, and here are some that take the everyday vending machines to a whole new level! 

Words: Haze Jalalludin

Ah Japan, the mecca of all quirky creations. But as time would have it, the whole world is now on a vending machine craze. From everyday convenient supplies to mind-baffling ‘who would get that’ items, this is just the beginning of many more weird machines to come! 

10.  France: Hot long buns

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread in the mornings, and as for the French, it hits a little closer to home as a French breakfast is hardly complete without a fresh loaf of baguette in the morning. Just pop on over to your neighbourhood vending machine for a warm toasty delight!


Hot fresh baguettes from the machine (CC by davitydave)

9. Japan: Rain rain go away…

Getting stuck out in the rain is definitely the recipe for a bad day out. That’s why the umbrella vending machine’s mission is to keep your clothes (and yourself) dry for a day of endless happiness! You’ll find plenty of these in Tokyo, especially in the subway stations.


Never get caught on a rainy day again! (CC by eyeonjapan)

8.  California: Get your fix

Gone were the days of rushing to the pharmacy to get your prescription medication. With Medbox, Southern Californians can now get their medical essentials with a swipe of their medical card and fingerprint scan – from asthma medications to medical marijuana, only if your doctor prescribes it.


Never worry bout your allergies again! (Picture credit: MedBox)

7. North Carolina: Bait for me

Fishing must be big in North Carolina, with the live bait vending machine at the mercy of all the impromptu fisherman who can now hit the lakesides at their leisure. From live worms to tackles and other fishing supplies, your casual walk by the lake now can be a whirlwind of a fishing adventure!


Fresh crawly critters that’ll surely entice your next meal! (CC by texas_mustang)

6. Europe: Let’s Pizza!

Says the inviting text on this huge contraption that promises you customised freshly made pizza in just 3 minutes! Sweeping the European countries by storm, this vending machine is on the rise to give the “30 minutes or less delivery” a run for its money, making every minute count!


Don’t mind me if I help myself to 2.. or 3… (CC by pixel-rust)

 5. Japan: Fresh new duds

Whether you’ve had a little wardrobe malfunction or just looking for a quick fix, the panty vending machine runs 24/7 to satisfy all your fresh new panty needs. Running with Japan’s eccentric obsession with tech and sex, this seemingly innocent vending machine, though convenient, often draws the attention of the opposite gender.


Comes in all shapes and sizes for your individual needs (cc by w00kie)

4. Japan: Egg-scellent!

Farm fresh eggs are prized in any booming metropolitan, and Tokyo is no different. Among the rows of cold drinks and cigarette machines, you’ll see this warm incubator-like machine where you can pick up a fresh dozen for your next meal! Eggs, cold drink and cigarette’s from your neighbourhood vendor is the perfect recipe for a breakfast of champions!


Warm and fresh just like it was laid a second ago (CC by JoshBerglund19)

3. Japan: Rice away!

Rice is the heart of an Asian meal and holds a very special place for the person who invented the rice vending machine in Japan. Sold in pound bags around the country, this vending machine assures neighbourhood residents that there’ll be enough rice for dinner for the whole family!


A bowl of rice a day, keeps the doctor away (CC by iMorpheus)

2. Dubai: The Midas touch

Diamonds are forever but nothing is as good as gold. That’s why ‘Gold to Go’ in Dubai accepts cash or card for gold nuggets, slivers and even gold bars! So gentleman, if you forget a certain important date, the answer to your prayers is in this nifty little machine.


Gold never gets old (CC by marko8904)


1. China: Crab-tastic! 

The number one spot goes to the most bizarre vending machine ever! Ever craved for a nice crab dish but you reside far from the sea or a seafood supply shop? Well fret no more, as the live crab vending machine is here! Yes, you heard right – LIVE! Satisfying the Chinese commuters’ needs, this live hairy crab machine puts the beauties in “sleep” mode with temperatures as low as 5°C. The specialised (patent pending) case also makes dispensing and handling the crabs a breeze as commuters swoop up the crabs daily.


Crabby patties anyone? (CC by thepasserbyblog)

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I think the Japanese make the best vending machines in the world. I did a really good baguette machine in Paris that I think could catch on in other parts of the world. Looked really yummy!