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#toPHwithlove [Updated 18:30 PM, 03 December 2013]

However you call it – Haiyan, Yolanda, the most powerful super typhoon in history – its devastating effect on the Philippines is impossible to ignore. The catastrophe left no building intact in Tacloban, a city of 200,000 people, and over 10,000 are feared dead. Accounts of gale-force winds and rushing water as families are torn and homes are destroyed fill the internet in the typhoon’s wake.

By: Ellyse Ng

AirAsia shares the unimaginable pain and loss suffered by the Philippines, and steps in to offer critical relief to the country.

     Group CEO Tony Fernandes travelled to the Philippines on Saturday, 9 November 2013, and called for the AirAsia Group to provide all necessary assistance to aid the relief efforts.

Donation for Typhoon Haiyan's victims

Supplies sent aboard the AirAsia fleet to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan at Tacloban.

     He said, “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. Our own staff and their families in the Philippines have suffered as well, and we will stand by all Filipinos to fight through this test of time to find brighter skies together with the support of the ASEAN community.”

     Relief workers and officials assisting in the aid effort were flown on AirAsia’s A320s into Tacloban, the capital of Leyte province where the cyclone’s force hit hardest. AirAsia also brought in much-needed relief aid items while survivors were flown out on humanitarian flights. 

NGOs and rescue workers being transported to Tacloban

NGOs and rescue workers being transported to Tacloban.


An AirAsiaAllstar looking out to the devastating damage on the Tacloban terrain

An AirAsiaAllstar looking out to the devastating damage on the Tacloban terrain.

     On 16 November, AirAsia began collecting donations onboard all its flights on behalf of the Philippine Red Cross.

Cabin Crew holding #toPHwithlove donation boxes at the AirAsia HQ

Cabin crew with donation boxes at AirAsia HQ. 


Donation box with different currencies

Donations collected aboard an AirAsia Indonesia flight. Image courtesy of renzpraditya on Instagram. 

     As part of its contribution to the effort, AirAsia Group has pledged to match total public donations through it philanthropic arm, AirAsia Foundation, to fund reconstruction efforts. Aside from raising funds, AirAsia is also providing 250,000 free seats for Filipinos aboard who wish to return home to their loved ones in the wake of the recent disaster. 

     AirAsia offices all over the ASEAN region are coming together in a group-wide campaign called ‘To Philippines with Love’ #toPHwithlove to help rebuild the disaster-stricken towns and provinces in the Philippines. Social media campaigns are being conducted to raise awareness and keep everyone updated on AirAsia’s progress in raising funds for the Philippines, with hashtag ‘toPHwithlove’ headlining all messages as the world shares their prayers, love and support. 

AirAsia’s campaign kicks off with hopes to raise funds for the Philippines.

AirAsia’s campaign kicks off with hopes to raise funds for the Philippines.

     The AirAsia Allstars appeal to all guests and readers to lend a hand in their humanitarian efforts for the Philippines, which bore the brunt of the cyclone’s angst. Every little bit helps to rebuild lives that were destroyed in the most devastating storm in history.

Every little bit helps. Time to do our parts!

Every little bit helps. Time to do our part!

How can you help?

1)      Contribute through donation boxes available onboard AirAsia flights and airports from now till 31st December 2013. Feel free to ask the friendly cabin crews for assistance.

2)      Donate online @ www.airasiafoundation.com/typhoonhaiyan

3)      Help us spread the news by hash tagging #toPHwithlove and send your encouraging messages to the Philippines!

4)      NEW! Now you can donate as part of your flight booking. Just click the box when you book your flights on www.airasia.com to donate USD1 to #toPHwithlove

Donate when you book your flights

Donate when you make your flight bookings

Have you played a part today and made a difference? Will you be willing to give more as part of your flight purchase? Let us know below at the comments section!


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    Great effort! Big or small, every kind and sincere effort helps! Kudos, guys! :)

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel3sixty Travel 3Sixty

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Vivi! Do
      share this with your friends, and remember that every little bit helps :)