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Travel 3Sixty’s Favourite Travel Must-Haves

When the digital writers of Travel 3Sixty ventured into Phuket recently, the living-out-of-suitcases bunch compiled their thoughts on travel must-haves, handpicked from AirAsia Megastore. 

AirAsia Digital Weighing Scale

By Matthew Mok

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-baggage-weighing scale-digital-light-easy-to-carry scale to avoid excess baggage

I don’t like paying for what I don’t need or what was unnecessary if I could have easily avoided it. This lightweight digital luggage scale is a life-saver! From being charged for excess baggage, that is! It’s a nifty-looking device, and I finally understood why it topped AirAsia Megastore’s bestsellers list. I bring it around, and it helps me ensure that my checked-in baggage and hand carry do not exceed the maximum weight allowed. If I do exceed the purchased weight, I can easily supersize my baggage purchase via Manage My Booking on AirAsia.com (up to 1 hour before departure time). Ain’t that a smart way to travel? Now I can shop till I drop during my holidays with peace of mind :)

AirAsia Comfort Kit

By Irvin Hanni


AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-comfort kit-flight-travel-destination-sleep-pillow-blanket-eye mask-Comfort kit for a comfortable flight Yay to Phuket, but before I spend the days frolicking on the beach, I’m going to need my beauty sleep and rest. My comfort during flights is an important issue to me, and I chose the AirAsia Comfort Kit as my must-have item. The package comes with three items: a blanket, an eyeshade and an inflatable neck pillow. To my delight, the blanket was quite big – so big that I could share it with my seatmates Abby and Ari. But I decided to share it with just Abby since Ari didn’t share with me his pack of Coconut Rice Poppers. I had a little problem trying to inflate the neck pillow but my helpful flight attendant showed me the correct way—you have to squeeze the little air tube as you blow into the pillow. “Ahh, thank you Mr. handsome flight attendant” Adding a final touch is the eyeshade. It has a double function – to help me catch the Z’s properly without being disturbed by the overhead cabin lights, and to cover my view completely from Ari’s silly face. Within minutes, I set off to Slumberland in pure comfort!

Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster

By Ari Vanuaranu

 AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-Sanyo-Eneloop-mobile booster-charger-handphone-travel charger-mobile booster for travel convenience

Phuket’s a great place for a social media socialist like me to snap photos for Instagram, check-in with Foursquare, Facebook update my friends with a picture of my feet facing the beach, or even tweet a sunset picture just in case they didn’t know I’m in Phuket. Boy, all these virtual socializing really killed off my handphone battery power. That’s why for my holiday lifestyle, I’m going to need the Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster. It’s easy on the eyes, and keeps my phone fully energized even during island-hopping. With a capacity of 5000 mAH, I could easily charge my phone 2-3 times in one charge. So what if I forget to charge my phone after a tiring day admiring the ‘heavenly bodies’ on Phang Nga Bay? Thank God for technology!

AirAsia HPE Male T-shirt

By Ari Vanuaranu

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-HPE compression top-comfort-regulate blood flow-well being-Compression top to help with a comfortable flightNope, I’m not undressing to unveil my superhero costume underneath my fashionable checkered shirt. My other must-have is my very comfortable ‘compression shirt’. Form-fitting, smooth and light, the shirt regulates blood flow, body temperature and reduced muscular fatigue especially when my fragile body goes through a long flight. No wonder the cabin crew wears them as part of their uniform! It’s super breathable, and the stiffness I felt on my torso and upper arms were lessened. Now, if only I had gotten the compression socks for my lower body as well.

TSA Lock with Card Key

By Abby Yao 

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-card lock-TSA-easy storage-extra key-security-flight-destination-Easy storage card lock for baggage security

This lock and card key set takes the fumbling-with-the-keychain scene out of my travels. Simply press the keycard into the slot to open the lock and slip in the card into a wallet or passport holder for safekeeping (for the bookworm in me, it goes neatly into my latest novel in my backpack!). No more worries about misplaced keys and there’s always a spare card key close at hand. I even used the bigger card key as a bookmark. A bonus: the red colour of the lock makes luggage easier to identify. If you’re travelling to the United States, you won’t have any damaged locks to deal with as your luggage can be safely opened by the TSA.

HyperGear Dry Bag

By Ellyse Ng

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-Hypergear-dry bag-waterproof-5L-belongings-storage-Hypergear Dry Bag keeps belongings dry during water activities.

Ah, I love being out at sea. The ocean breeze, the crashing waves, the sun warmly shining, everything is just right! Wait, are those my dollar notes, lying soaked at the bottom of my bag? How in the world did water get into my bag? This is a common situation, especially for an ocean-lover like me. Well, now my items are safe and dry as long as I’ve got my HyperGear Dry Bag. It is waterproof (but not submergible), and this baby is truly a wonder! Easy to carry, this sling bag comes in bright colours to match my day-out-in-the-sun mood! My bad though, as I thought the 5L bag was sufficient for my wallet, handphone and my many changes of clothes (there were A LOT). Proven wrong, I headed straight home and to the computer to order the 20L one…in bright yellow this time!

SkyRider Hooded Blanket

By Haze Jalalludin

AirAsia-Travel 3Sixty-travel essentials-Skyrider-Ace-hooded blanket-kids-children-fun-Hooded blanket suitable for kids and adults for a fun and comfortable flight“Hi, I’m Ace! Watchaaaa!” and immediately I stuck an Ace pose. I felt like a kid again as I put on the brown furry and fluffy hooded blanket and was ready to explore the world (Phuket, actually) just like Ace on his many adventures! Exactly what I needed for the unearthly early morning flights, I wrapped myself in a nice warm cocoon and covered my eyes from the sun. The well-insulated blanket is at 4.5 ft long, and when folded, it becomes a very cosy pillow. What a handy combo! Though originally intended for kids, those young at heart are more than welcome to try it out. 

All items can be purchased at AirAsia Megastore today!