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Welcome to the new Travel 3Sixty!

Hello readers and fans, we just unveiled a new look for the website. Tell us what you think and give us suggestions to improve and you may be rewarded! (*hint hint)

We are always improving to provide you best-of-class travel/lifestyle-related features and tips. In the coming weeks and months, new web categories and exciting contents will be launched to educate our valued readers on all things travel and AirAsia’s expansive network of destinations. We live and aspire to inspire the wanderlust in you!

New look Travel 3Sixty!

Do sound off in Comments section below on what you want to see more on Travel 3Sixty online, and suggestions to enhance your web experience!

  • Betty Liew Siaw Fan

    A very clean and fresh new look for travel3sixty. I hope travel3sixty would create a member page where we can join as a member and will be the first person to get the latest information and promotion from travel3sixty.

  • skylineowl

    I can see its in the early stages of development but one initial improvement could be to adopt a mascot figure for the passengers to relate and chat with, the thought passed my mind you could adopt me as ‘skylineowl’ with a cutey cartoon picture of an owl dressed in red and white with a captains hat on and i would give tips and advice on travel …hoot hoot an owl also has 360 focus and is wise, passengers using a budget airline need to be wise on spending hoot hoot

  • TrishaM

    I think your website is coming along nicely. Well done travel 3 sixty on creating a site that is easy to navigate and is relevant to different cultures. As a mature female traveler (explorer) from Australia, I often travel to lesser known places of interest. I am passionate about other cultures, history and architecture so your site has been helpful to me in creating out of the way adventures. WOW! Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see more

  • Jen

    I really enjoy reading travel guides from Travel3sixty – you offer a very different perspective to that presented in guidebooks. As a self-confessed foodie with an Air Asia flight booked into Melbourne for December, I very much enjoyed downloading the latest issue of Travel3sixty and reading your Australia feature article this September. I now have an up to date list of several coffeehouses and lunch venues to visit! Just a very easy-to-fix navigation related improvement to the ‘downloads’ menu – at the moment, travel guide names are presented on a red background, which means when I hover over the names, it isn’t that easy to see which destination I will click through to, because the highlighter is also red. Maybe the background should remain black (and highlighted in red), or you could change the highlighter colour to black? Furthermore, I think that as the website develops (and you have more content), it would be useful to have sub-menus coming off to the right (e.g when I hover over travel guides a list of destinations comes up on the right, rather than expanding the current list). Keep up the good work, I’ll certainly keep reading!

  • David Rowland

    The website seems to be improving every time I visit! I love the feature articles in travel3sixty, and always make a point of reading the travel log. As a long term traveller who strives to actually experience what it’s like to live somewhere, I think it would be good to introduce a feature written by local people on their hometown – giving tips on lesser known eateries/sites/entertainment. ‘The Inside Scoop’ perhaps? Keep up the good work travel3sixty!