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Won’t Leave Home Without You

Travelling light isn’t easy for most people especially when you’re a world class athlete always on the move for tournaments. We turned to World No.6 squash player Low Wee Wern to tell us what her must-have travel essentials are.

World No.6 squash player, Low Wee Wern.

She’s a girl always on the move, but we managed to catch a breather with fellow Malaysian squash player in the midst of her busy schedule, to see what a frequent traveller like herself never fails to bring along with her (aside from passport, money, etc).

  • My phone – It has everything in it: travel schedule, world clock, flight updates and my friends at a click of a button! 
  • My MacBook Air – so I can keep up with my movies and TV series that keep me entertained, get some work done, answer interview questions (like this!) and plan my schedule for my upcoming tournaments
  • A good book – it’s always good to have something to read whilst waiting for my flight or even onboard
  • A bottle of water – I always buy one before boarding or onboard. It’s so important to keep hydrated especially on long flights!
  • My pillow! – I can’t leave home without my pillow! I’ve never travelled without it and I’ve had it since I was a baby :)