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You+Malaysia = Exhilarating Adventures

Life’s too short not to take risks.

By Haze Jalalludin

Let the adventure begin

Let the adventure begin


Quiet sunset cruises and golden tan on the beach – sure that sounds like a holiday but what you really need is something that gets the heart and endorphins racing.

    Malaysia has adrenaline-pumping activities almost everywhere you go, so much so that armies from all over the world have been known to dump their troops in the wild jungles of Borneo (of East Malaysia) for survival tests. For the rest of us, even exploring the tamer parts of the forest gives us a rush or two… but the excitement has just begun.

Live grubs

Even the food choices are hardly normal


Welcome to the JUNGLE!

Whenever a reality series comes to a rainforest, everyone seems to eat well. Probably because there’s plenty of wildlife, edible plants and tons of juicy worms to keep you well fed. But the reality of it is you will have to hike mountainous slopes snaked by tree roots the size of your torso while constantly watching out for a charging wild boar. Or avoid being scratched by poisonous vines just so you can proclaim you made it!

Hiking, trekking or camping – it’s your choice

     In the vast wild parks of Taman Negara Pahang, Endau Rompin National Park and Bako National Park, your limits are tested—either through threading the canopies on 334-metre high suspended bridge or stomping the grounds with guides imparting jungle survival tips. Often, these tours will have you over a weekend roughing it out like the natives do. And once you are done, you will wear your scrapes and insect bites with pride.

     Over in Sabah, East Malaysia, adventurers conquer the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia– Mount Kinabalu–by braving chilly air, high altitude and lack of oxygen, preceded by months of hard training and gruelling preparations. But all will be worth it when you welcome breathtaking sunrise at the crack of dawn!



Rockin' it hard

Rockin’ it hard


Rock ‘n Roll

If your inner Spider-Man is calling out to you while you shop in the heart of KL, worry not as Damai Wall of Batu Caves is only 30 minutes away. Not only is it convenient but Damai Wall is also the last limestone outcrop in Peninsula Malaysia that will surely satisfy your climbing needs.

     When the weather doesn’t permit, there’s always the indoor, fully air-conditioned 24-metre tall wall in 1Utama shopping mall, just half an hour drive from city. Don’t be fooled, even seasoned rock climbers would find the 1600m2 roped climbing, 14-metre top-rope, 16-metre lead climbing and 300m2 of bouldering challenging and very close to the real thing.






Swimming with the sharks

Swimming with the sharks


Wet and Wild

Everyone loves to swim with the fishes, but the fishes in Malaysia like to swim with you too, that is with the right snack. Inject a little thrill into your dives at Pulau Lang Tengah, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Layang-Layang or Sipadan Island by swimming with nurse, tiger and hammerhead sharks!

     Or hike up a notch by going on night dives, popular in Pulau Redang, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Mabul and Kapalai.


      Once done with the sharks speed your way around the amazing islands on jet-skis and head to the skies to dry off as you strap on for a bird’s eye view by parasail!


BASE Jumping – Nothing is impossible


Flying Free

If those don’t excite you enough, then maybe falling from a 335-metre tall building will. The KL BASE Jump which started at KL Tower has been around since 2001 and attracts quite a following. It organises jump tours around Malaysia that include Menara Alor Setar (Kedah), Menara Komtar (Penang) and Wisma Darul Iman (Terengganu). Deemed as one of the more exhilarating sports, you need quick reflexes due to its short drop and multiple parachute landing scenarios.


Caves of all sorts and sizes


To the Bat Cave!

If Batman were Malaysian, he would have a hard time choosing his lair. The sheer abundance of caves scattered across the country is simply astounding! Dark Caves right next to Batu Caves is 2-kilometre long which not only gives you one heck of an adventure scaling up and down numerous slopes but is also home to several endemic animals like bats.

    Other worthy spots for some Malaysian caving adventure are Niah Caves, Viper’s Pit, Wind Cave, Fairy Cave, Blue Moonlight Bay, Disappointment Cave and the mother of all caves — the Sarawak Chamber in Gunung Mulu National Park that can actually fit a Boeing 747-200!

    Now that you know the daring side of Malaysia, go on and rough it out. Find your own adventure through the many wonders and create unforgettable experiences that last you a lifetime!