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AirAsia’s Allstars Flight Attendants (FAs) come from all over the region and are proud ambassadors of their respective countries. Here, they talk to us about their homelands as they take the new Compression and Weekend outfits for a spin, and tell us what they most like most about them.

Styling: R. Rajendra   Art Direction: Kan Seak Hong

Photography: Adam Lee   Make-up & Hair: Joey Yap & Team

Teresa Kimberly Epil from Philippines

Years with AirAsia Just a few months now.

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
AirAsia has made me feel like I never left home. The team is warm and welcoming. The mentors, during my training, guided me to be an exceptionally good FA. I find the people in AirAsia very hard working to the extent that even if it’s their day off from work, they find ways to assist us whenever there is a need. I love it here. As a newly graduated FA, I love the flying part. Every day, I get the opportunity to meet different people from various cultures and backgrounds. I am very proud to be part of Batch 01 of AirAsia Philippines and I am now officially part of the AirAsia family.

Tell us about your birthplace
I’m half Swiss and half Filipino, but was raised in Philippines. Filipinos are known for our hospitability and are a very friendly lot. Philippines has a lot of world-class tourist spots. There are great beaches almost anywhere you go and up to 95% of the population speaks English. The food is great and inexpensive. But most importantly, we are unique because we are not what you expect from a typical Asian country. There are a lot of Spanish and American influences and this makes Philippines a special nation.

What do you like about the new outfits?
The Weekend outfit is chic and trendy while the Compression top allows us to work with ease and comfort. I like them both!

Noor Azlina Binti Mohd Sapawi from Kajang in Selangor, Malaysia

Years with AirAsia 6 months

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
My lifestyle has changed a lot since joining AirAsia. I have learnt to be more disciplined with matters of work and know how to manage my time better as well. You can only learn these qualities while working for a company that truly nurtures us to bring out the best.

Tell us a little about your birthplace
Malaysia is a peaceful and safe country. Eventhough Malaysians are made up of all kinds of ethnic groups, we celebrate and cherish our diversity. The whole of Asia is represented here in Malaysia! That aside, we are also rich with historical attractions, beautiful islands and million-year-old rainforests.

What do you like about the new outfits?
I like the Weekend outfit as it is casual, simple and helps me serve my guests in style and comfort.

Izwan Syafiq Bin Ishak from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Years with AirAsia 1

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
As a young family member with the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline, I am enjoying every moment of it. The learning process at AirAsia is filled with joy and laughter in a stress-free working environment. We are here to make everyone feel like one big family. We may be low-cost but our service is always first class!

Tell us about your birthplace.
Kuala Lumpur is the centre of Malaysia, a country that’s renowned for its multi ethnic and multi cultural society consisting Malay, Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups living together in harmony. I find the food of Malaysia one of the greatest attractions. The Malays have their nasi lemak, rendang and ketupat, the Indians have capati, roti canai and banana leaf rice, while the Chinese have dim sum, yong tao foo, char kuey teow. Some of these dishes are available onboard AirAsia, and when you see one race enjoying the food of another, you’ll understand why we are one big happy family!

What do you like about the new outfits?
The new Weekend outfit is more laid-back, stylish and it makes the FAs look friendly and approachable. The concept, I believe, is quite unique from other airlines in the world.

Phimpah Mayura from Bangkok, Thailand

Years with AirAsia 3

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
I have been a brand ambassador for AirAsia for about three years now and the job has enabled me to participate in many events and, meet many wonderful people from various parts of the world. The work environment in AirAsia / AirAsia X is extremely challenging but enthralling nonetheless. Every day brings about unique challenges and the lessons learnt are invaluable. The experience has taught me how to carry myself as a representative of this amazing company, but more so as a self-respecting individual.

Tell us about your birthplace
I come from the richly-cultured and astoundingly colourful city of Bangkok. Anyone who has ever been to Bangkok takes with him unique memories. Being a native of this city, what I love most about Bangkok is the food! Every dish partaken is akin to a spice fiesta in one’s mouth. Thai food has won numerous fans around the world and if you are not yet a fan, what are you waiting for? Chances are, just one bite is enough to make you a fan for life!

What do you like about the new outfits?
The material used is very comfortable, almost like the ones used in sportswear. The cutting is also unique.

Sharifah Shaheera Bt Syed Anor Ali from Taiping in Perak, Malaysia

Years with AirAsia 3

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
Becoming a FA has always been a childhood dream of mine. I was exposed to the job at an early age as some of my relatives were flight attendants. I was fascinated seeing them wear their uniforms. Since then, I too wanted to become a FA. My favourite part of the job is the opportunity to travel and see many great places which I never thought possible. My job is both work and leisure combined into one. I’m certain that I’ve made the right move in joining AirAsia simply by looking at the amazing growth of this airline.

Tell us about your birthplace
Taiping is a town located in the northern part of the state of Perak in Malaysia. It’s known as a heritage town and, is also known for being the wettest place in Malaysia as it receives heavy rainfall annually. This wet environment has led to a fertile growth of flora and century-old rain trees in Taiping Lake Garden. A peaceful town brimming with early Malaysian history, Taiping is a fairly compact town and most of the places of interest can be visited on foot.

What do you like about the new outfits?
The Weekend attire represents AirAsia’s tag line ‘Fun & Friendly’ and it gives the FAs a relaxed, casual and approachable look without compromising on our professionalism during work.

Gaurav Arora (Ryan) from New Delhi, India

Years with AirAsia Just a few months.

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
I am living my dream of seeing the world and working with people from all types of backgrounds at AirAsia. This diversity in culture, ethics and lifestyles is helping me achieve my personal and professional goals.

Tell us a little about your birthplace
I was born and brought up in New Delhi.  My city is made up of many religions, cultures and languages and is an equally diverse place like AirAsia. The best thing about the city is its mouth watering food. Additionally, the city never sleeps as the locals just love to party! Lastly, I just want to say ateethi devo bhavah,  which means we treat our guest like gods in India! Expect the same on our AirAsia flights!

What do you like about the new outfits?
I like the colour scheme of the new uniforms.

Hyejin Lee (Jessie Lee) from Seoul, South Korea

Years with AirAsia 10 months

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
This is my first job after graduating from university and so, AirAsia is special for me as the airline has opened up the world for me – literally! Eventhough I’m away from my country and sometimes I find it hard to adapt to living conditions in a foreign place, I have so much to be thankful for as I get to experience new lifestyles and cultures. I thoroughly enjoy working as a FA for AirAsia and have had a fantastic run thus far.

Tell us about your birthplace
I was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Seoul is the heartbeat of South Korea and is a very energetic and passionate city.  You can experience the whole of my country here and it is also the most popular city in South Korea. As modern as it may be, after having hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 2002 Football World Cup, the city is also rich with culture and tradition, which we South Koreans hold on to tenaciously. You can also experience all four seasons here, which transforms the city beautifully each spring, summer, fall and winter.

What do you like about the new outfits?
I like the Weekend outfit as it super comfortable and allows me to move about with great ease during work, while giving me a nice silhouette.

Anggi Lestari Kusnadi from Bogor, Indonesia

Years with AirAsia 6 and a half years

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia
I have had many wonderful experiences that have enabled me to learn a lot while travelling the world. It is challenging but at the same time, it is satisfying to be able to take care of our guests. The job has also brought about personal growth as I am a far more confident person now and I know how to multi-task effectively.

Tell us about your birthplace
I was born in Bogor, West Java. Bogor is about 60kms from Jakarta. What’s unique about my hometown is that Bogor is also known as ‘City of Rain’ (Kota Hujan) because it’s the wettest city in Java. It rains even in the dry season! If you ever come to Bogor, make sure you visit the Bogor Botanical Garden, established in 1811 by Sir Stamford Raffles as the summer residence of the Governor General.

What do you like about the new outfits?
I really like the Compression top as it is comfortable to wear while giving us a nice shape. The fabric is also ‘breathable’ and keeps me dry even in tough working situations. I think it captures the essence of AirAsia – fun, friendly but serious about our promise to our guests.

Nicolai Baquiran Felix from Parañaque City, Philippines

Years with AirAsia 2 months

Highlights in your career as a FA with AirAsia?
Since working with AirAsia, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve became more responsible, organised and able to work under pressure. Every day is a new and exciting day. Working with cheerful, kind-hearted people from different races and cultures makes this airline truly ASEAN. Providing our guests the best service is what it all boils down to for me. It gives me great satisfaction to see their smiles, knowing that we have done our best in keeping our guests satisfied.

Tell us a about your birthplace
I am from Parañaque City in Manila. The Philippines is a tropical country with a wonderful mix of people, cultural delights and traditional attractions. Over a hundred ethnic groups, a mixture of foreign influences and, a fusion of culture and arts have enhanced the uniqueness of the Filipino identity. The hospitality of the Filipinos knows no bounds and we are known to go the extra mile in welcoming guests to our over 7,107 islands. Filipinos are also fun-loving and friendly. Throughout the islands, festivals are celebrated every day and guests are
welcome to partake in the festivities.

What do you like about the new outfits?
I find the new Weekend Outfit to be really cool. It feels comfortable and makes me feel dapper wearing it. The blue jeans is a nice touch and the black shirt is super chic. Doesn’t feel like wearing a uniform at all.

Designing Comfort, Delivering Performance

With comfort, well-being and ease of movement being the main concerns to be incorporated into the outfits, AirAsia introduces a new set of uniforms for its Flight Attendants (FAs) on board AirAsia and AirAsia X flights. However, there is a whole lot of world-class technology at play with these outfits, ensuring the wearer benefits not only from the science in the material and construction; they also look exceptionally stylish wearing them.

     Realising that the FAs on AirAsia flights work long hours in challenging environments on a daily basis, Human Performance Engineering Clothing (HPE Clothing) was commissioned by AirAsia to design a range of uniforms for the FAs that will not only promote and improve health and well-being, but is also stylish and chic, without looking overly formal. Recently voted the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the third consecutive year, AirAsia’s mission statement puts being a responsible and nurturing employer top on its list. As such, the new outfits had to be designed with these keywords in mind: Practicality, suitability, well-being and most importantly, fun and friendly.

     The challenge of designing and delivering this new-generation outfit was undertaken by HPE Clothing while paying particular attention to the challenges faced by the FAs in their work environment. The ensuing result was two sets of uniforms – the Compression Top and the Weekend Outfit.

Compression Top

The Compression Top is a product designed exclusively for AirAsia. The benefits of wearing compression garments whilst flying are aplenty, as it helps regulate blood flow and normalise pressure, support the muscular-skeletal system, increase functional performance and reduce fatigue – all of which enable the crew to serve AirAsia’s guests comfortably throughout the flight and, allow them to arrive at their destinations feeling fresh and energised.

     It was clear the garment needed to have multiple functions other than the compression feature for it to achieve its goal. The fabric design was therefore important. HPE Clothing engineered its signature nylon / spandex composition with a specialised yarn construction that not only had climate control and moisture wicking benefits, it was also infused with silver nano-technology. The end product was a revolutionary material that was designed to be worn under the jacket. Consequently, AirAsia has become the first airline in the world to incorporate intelligent compression fabric and design into its cabin crew uniform.

Climate Control Fabric

This specially constructed yarn reacts as skin temperature rises, drawing heat away from the body with rapid cooling. When skin temperature is cool the fabric draws warmth from outside and transfers it to the body.

“I am personally excited to see the new uniforms roll out. It is such a great feeling to hear of the excitement from the staff, right from the sampling process. The involvement and buy-in is always fascinating to see.” ~ Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia

Moisture Wicking Feature

Cross-sectional fibres allow better absorption, transportation and evaporation of perspiration that ensure the body temperature is consistently in its optimal range.

Silver Nano-technology

Silver nano-technology prevents the multiplication of bacteria on textile surfaces without affecting the natural pH balance of the skin. This provides a hygienic finish, which prevents the build up of body odour (caused by live bacteria degradation in sweat), reduces skin irritation, allergic reactions, infections and illness.

Weekend Uniform

AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes and Deputy Group CEO Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun envisioned AirAsia FAs wearing a weekend uniform that will reflect the airline’s image of daring to be different, sporty yet smart and sexy, and vibrant and stylish. The duo also wanted the outfits to echo AirAsia’s active involvement in the field of sports.

     One of the biggest challenges with the Weekend Outfit was to incorporate the intelligent fabric into the construction. After many attempts, HPE Clothing finally found a way to incorporate the high performance features into the cotton shirts. The Weekend Outfit too is anti-bacterial (silver nano-technology) and, comes with moisture wicking and climate control features. The fabric of the shirt is also anti-crease, ensuring the garment returns to its original shape after washing, thus reducing the need for ironing. 


HPE Clothing

Nick Harris, Exercise Physiologist and HPE founder has been at the forefront of human science for almost two decades. His many clients include Formula 1™ drivers, world-class golfers, tennis players and rock legends AC/DC during their Black Ice world tour.

HPE Clothing uses intelligent fabric that adapts and responds to the environment, whilst supporting body movement, providing optimal comfort and ultimately assisting performance. Each piece of HPE Clothing has been designed with function and elegance in mind.

HPE Clothing will extend its range late 2011, making its performance clothing technologies available to AirAsia guests via AirAsia Megastore.com and onboard AirAsia flights.


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