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Naughty / Nice

Looking back over the years, the Travel 3Sixty° team divulges childhood secrets that once put them on Santa’s ‘Naughty’ list.

Writer, Travel 3 Sixty magazine.

Chitra Santhinathan, Writer

“Don’t be fooled by the little angel in the picture. That was taken before I could walk. As soon as I found my feet, I was out of the house, crawling through monsoon drains and, climbing and falling out of trees. I always got a good caning for coming home grubby and with a new badge of courage (bloody wound) every time! In fact, this happened so frequently, my mum had to buy a new rotan (cane) every few weeks!” 

Webmaster Lead, Travel 3 Sixty magazine.

Iyan Yudhiana, Webmaster Lead, Digital Conversion

“The naughtiest thing I ever did was staying up late during my third grade exam to watch the Japanese series Dai-Sentai Goggle-V. I didn’t spend a single second studying even though my mum had asked me to do so. As punishment, my mum locked up my entire collection of video cassettes for that series and all my comic books into a chest till my exam period was over.” 

Content Executive,  Travel 3 Sixty magazine.

Irvin Hanni, Content Executive

“When I was little, I was always fascinated by my dad’s shaving routine. So, one day, I tried it on myself, without the shaving cream! Of course – what does a four year old girl know about shaving? Imagine my parents’ horror upon finding their daughter with bloody cuts on her face!” 

Photojournalist, Travel 3 Sixty magazine.

Adam Lee, Photojournalist

“When I was five years old, my brother and I fought over a toy, and somehow it rolled into a squatting toilet. My father made me rummage through the dark, wet cesspool to retrieve the sodden toy. Because my arm was not long enough, I was submerged up to my armpit, and my cheek was pressed against the grimy toilet rim!” 

 Deputy Editor, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Beverly Rodrigues, Deputy Editor 

“When I was young, I hated eating long, leafy, fibrous vegetables because those slimy greens made me think of snakes slithering down my throat. I would spend hours chewing my spinach till it got cold and mushy, and my mum would lock me in a lizard-infested loo till I swallowed it. Yuck! Luckily, she didn’t know about the spit-and-flush trick!” 

Managing Editor, Travel 3Sixty Magazine.

R. Rajendra, Managing Editor

“When I was about five years old, I snuck out via the kitchen and jumped across a stinking drain to get to the playground. I missed the other side and promptly ended up in the drain instead! The greenish black sludge came up to my neck and I couldn’t climb out as the sides were too high. Covered in the most hellish gunk, I whimpered for help. Upon hearing my cries, my mother came out and burst out laughing. She took her own sweet time yanking me out of the bubbling muck and, as punishment, didn’t allow me to wash off immediately!”

Graphic Designer, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Fadillah Kamarudin, Graphic Designer

“While playing in my mum’s bedroom, I found a pretty crayon and began drawing all over her mirror. I didn’t realise that it was actually her expensive Dior lipstick. When my mum caught me, she made me stand in the corner of the kitchen so she could watch me for the rest of the day. I was not allowed to play at all.”  

Content Executive, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Abby Yao, Content Executive

“I once pushed my little brother off the bed. He fell on the floor, which was pretty dangerous since my brother was about the same height as the bed! I don’t remember getting punished for this, but I did have to endure the cane a few times for offences I no longer recall. My mum says that when my friends quarrelled, I’d make secret pacts, pledging allegiance to both sides. What can I say? I hate taking sides!” 

Digital Copywriter, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Haze Jalalludin, Digital Copywriter

“I loved dancing in the rain (even during thunderstorms), putting my cats in the fridge (just to hug their cold fur) and playing with sharp knives while pretending to play masak-masak (cooking). That last bit left the biggest sting, as till today, I still have a scar where I accidentally sliced off a piece of my finger. Did I learn my lesson? Well, I still do all those things, but I’m not allowed to have any more cats!”  

 Art Director, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Kan Seak Hong, Art Director

“When I was nine, I was racing with a friend at my sister’s twelfth birthday party. It was raining I was riding a bicycle without a brake system, and going really fast. The road was really slippery, and I couldn’t stop. I ended up falling into a deep drain. Though I won the race, I lost my bike forever, and I still have a scar on my face! To teach me a lesson, my parents nailed my bicycle to the wall, so I could look at it but never ride it!” 

Group Commercial Digital Content & Mobile Manager.

Matthew Mok, Group Commercial Digital Content & Mobile Manager

“In primary school, I had a teacher who relied on a microphone and radio to teach because her voice was rather soft. One day, I was assigned to pick the radio up, and just for the sake of not studying that day, I switched the polarity of the batteries in the radio. She was speechless, of course. As punishment, I was forced to face the inside of a trash bin for half a period!”

Webmaster, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Hakma Juhari, Webmaster

“Once, after wriggling up a guava tree and disturbing a beehive, I was chased by millions of bees. (Ok, I exaggerate, probably just two or three bees.) One bee stung me, and my cheek swelled up. As if that was not lesson enough, I received a caning and was grounded for a week!” 

Digital Content Editor, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Ellyse Ng, Digital Content Editor

“I once coaxed my mother into letting my sister and me wash the porch roof (we got to climb a ladder and be on top of the world!). We pretended that we were living in a tree house and spent the whole afternoon ‘washing’ the roof, flooding the roof and drenching my younger siblings. We were given a good and hearty beating with a rotan

Content Executive, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Ari Fajar Abdi, Content Executive

“I used to like lifting girls’ skirts because I was curious. After some serious tongue-lashing where I was verbally attacked with righteous words like ‘morality’ and ‘respect’, and threatened with the punishment of being forced to spend three hours under some granny’s skirt, I finally stopped doing it. I didn’t even like what I found down there!” 

Chinese Content Executive, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Seow Swee Har, Chinese Content Executive

“Before I started Standard Three class, my mum never gave me pocket money. But, as the monitor in my class, I would always ‘collect’ money from my classmates. This little gangster was eventually caught by her teacher, and what followed was a visit by the disciplinary teacher. My punishment, suprisingly, was that I was given pocket money from that day onwards! So, do give your kids pocket money before they become criminals!” 

Writer, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Adli Syahril, Writer

“My grandfather caught me playing with matches in his house when I was five years old. He took away my matches and scolded me till tears streamed down my chubby cheeks. When he saw how remorseful I was, he took me to Pizza Hut to cheer me up.” 

 Editorial Assistant, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Fazlina Bee, Editorial Assistant 

“I used to go through my grandmother’s handbag and play with her makeup. Sometimes, I would take her eyeliner to my friend’s house to doll up like Marie Osmond. One day, my friend’s mother complained to my mum after seeing my tarty face. My mother grounded me but that didn’t stop me from rummaging for makeup.” 

Digital Copywriter, Travel 3Sixty magazine.

Shafiqah Shafie, Digital Copywriter

“One evening, my big brother and I were fighting over the TV remote control. To make sure that I won the fight, I grabbed my baby tricycle and flung it at his head. I was sent to bed early and all my Enid Blyton books were confiscated for a month!