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The Impatient Sisters

Malaysian indie music darlings Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib may hail from a small town but they definitely pack a big punch. Calling themselves The Impatient Sisters, the siblings are rising stars in the indie music scene with their beautiful harmonies and sweet yet edgy music. The sisters share their journey thus far with Travel 3Sixty°.

Compiled by: Chitra S


What’s behind your name?

We once got impatient with each other after recording a song and were about to start bickering. We didn’t have a band name at the time and figured ‘The Impatient Sisters’ would be a suitable moniker.

How did the band start?

It started out when we opened for a friend’s band about two years ago and performed covers. We were doing it for fun but then the owner of the place asked us if we had any original material, which we didn’t. We went home that day and thought we’d give songwriting a try, which resulted in our first single: Comets and Stars.

Did you ever dream of being in a band together?

Hardly! Apart from Irena (the youngest sister) who is studying music, we’d never dreamt of pursuing music, much less pursuing it together! At the moment we’re still juggling work and college but it’s fun to take a break from the routine to perform at gigs and share our music.

When did you get your first break?

We got our first break when we were invited to perform on The Wknd, an online music channel. We’d never performed in public before and it was definitely nervewracking! It was a wonderful experience nonetheless as we had the opportunity to share our songs with the world.


Describe your music?

We keep our music simple and light while trying to transport the listener to a faraway place. Our songs are open to interpretation and we want people to feel like they are being taken on a journey when we sing.

Who were your early influences?

When we were younger, we listened to whatever was on the radio. The 90s was amazing but we sort of discovered music at different times in our lives. It was only about two years ago when we started enjoying music together and listening to the same things like family band Eisley and folk duo The Civil Wars.

Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

People inspire us. The stories they tell us are amazing. Music and films inspire us too. We try to absorb as much as we can from our environment, no matter how small or big – even if something seems unimportant. Sometimes what you think is unimportant can be really quite interesting!

How are the singing and songwriting duties divided?

It’s pretty much a collaborative effort. Irena will come up with a riff, and then we’ll work on the song from there. Sometimes, the story is already there and we just match the story to the music. It always begins as a vague idea but the story eventually unfolds.

What is your take on the indie music scene in Malaysia?

When we entered the scene two years ago, we didn’t know anyone. We were just glad to be in a band and that got us out of the house! But we’ve made some great friends since. It’s an amazing circle to be in, full of creative people who are always striving to achieve something unique. We urge everyone to go out and look for gigs to watch because the acts in Kuala Lumpur now are superb!


If you could perform with a singer or band of your choice, who would that be and why?

That would be Eisley. They’re a band made up of the Dupree sisters and their cousin. We would love to perform with them because they’ve inspired us in terms of songwriting and making music. One of the sisters, Stacy, is in a band called Sucré whose music we also admire.

You’ve gone from being small town girls to appearing on MTV, How has the ride been so far and what’s next for The Impatient Sisters?

The ride has been pretty surreal. We never imagined that we’d grow up and become a band, much less be chosen as ‘Artist of the Week’ on MTV Iggy. It’s pretty crazy! What’s next for us? Hopefully more overseas gigs and an awesome album! We’re up for anything.

Words of advice for young people trying to break into the music scene?

Look for opportunities to perform and don’t stop performing or writing new material. Learn something new every day, and try to incorporate it in your art. Lastly, be passionate and honest and always believe in yourself.