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Live To Eat!

As decadent as that sounds, the array of world cuisines available for us to feast on is just amazing, and every country should make it compulsory for its citizens to try at least five different world foods every week. If this isn’t possible, at least ogle those fabulous chefs!

Words : R. Rajendra 

Authentic Indian Food

Thali Set


For authentic Indian fare made from recipes handed down from generation to generation, head to Kumar’s at Oasis Damansara in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The restaurant’s lineage can be traced back to a small stall operated by the owner’s mother in the late 60s. Decades later, the business is now housed in a swanky premise, and the restaurant not only serves delicious South Indian fare, but dishes that are a rarity elsewhere.

Fish Head Curry at Kumar's Restaurant

Fish Head Curry

Marrow in Curry at Kumar's Restaurant

Marrow in Curry

     Sura puttu (steamed spicy shark meat flakes) is a delicious offering that can be eaten with rice while Kumar’s Fish Head Curry is so delicious, customers have been known to travel from far and wide just for this spicy and tangy specialty. Adding to that are vegetable dishes that are cooked to order to retain freshness, taste and texture. Wash down these and other offerings with a Mango Lassi or Bru Coffee. For more discerning palates, Kumar’s also offers a selection of wines and beers to tame the fire from the spice and curries! www.kumars.my


From talented kitchen maestros to handsome hunks and babes, these celebrity chefs sure know how to turn up the heat in the kitchen. Oh… and they cook pretty well too!

Jamie Oliver


The Naked Chef strips pretensions from food and prepares dishes in a simple and wholesome manner that accentuates natural pleasures. Devoted to getting people to eat healthy, Jamie is often credited for putting celebrity chefs at the forefront of stardom and his boy-next-door charm makes foodies dream of licking whipped cream off this naked chef.

Anthony Bourdain


Wry, blunt and fearless in the face of food, Bourdain is an accomplished chef and a travel show host who actually enjoys eating durians! A chain smoker and a heavy drinker who once posed naked with a really large bone between his legs for Melanie Dunea’s 2007 book, My Last Supper, this bad boy makes women swoon.

Mario Batali


Author of many cookbooks, owner of numerous restaurants and a traditionalist at heart, Batali serves up honest to goodness Italian cuisine. He may not possess rippling muscles but that didn’t stop Gwyneth Paltrow from going on a whirlwind foodie romance with this jovial chef on the much watched Spain on the Road Again foodie travel show.

Nigella Lawson


This high priestess of the kitchen has perfected the art of seduction with a spatula so well that even rednecks give up their footballs to watch Lawson stir and sprinkle! Don’t be fooled by the sultry lady licking her fingers as she pontificates on the pleasures of using fingers to mix food as this seductress’ second book How to be a Domestic Goddess won her the British Book Award for Author of the Year in 2000.

Keith Floyd


An effervescent man who was as charming as he was inebriated during his cookery shows, Floyd was a joy to watch as he downed the wine meant for the pot. But behind the tomfoolery and guesswork he often prescribed for his dishes, Floyd was a master of flavours, style and techniques. Floyd died of heart failure in 2009 at the age of 65.

Padma Lakshmi


This South Indian lass hosts Top Chef and brings exoticism to the show. Actress, model, author and travel show host, Padma speaks English, Tamil, Hindi, Italian and Spanish, and won the ‘Best First Book’ award for her debut cookbook Easy Exotic in the 1999. Padma sports a seven-inch scar on her upper arm that she wears with pride.

Gordeon Ramsey


The chef from hell who makes grown men pee in their pants with his ravings and ranting, Ramsay is one of the two chefs from UK to be awarded three Michelin stars. But beneath the pit-bull demeanour he displays on Hell’s Kitchen, a gentler side is evident in the Master Chef US TV series. Strictly for foodies who like tears with their terrine!

Nuts for Cronut

Nuts for Cronut


What do you get when a croissant gets cosy with a doughnut ? A cronut! This hybrid pastry is all the rage now and is credited to one Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, which has trademarked the product worldwide. A Cronut™ looks like a doughnut dusted with confectioner’s sugar or glazed and topped with cream, but slice it open, and the cronut reveals layers of delicate pastry that’s not dissimilar to a croissant. Envious bakers have jumped on the bandwagon to produce a similar specimen called doughsant. The craze for Cronuts™ has gotten so out of control that a man in New York offered sexual favours in return for the pastries, as reported by The Huffington Post. 

Tao - Abalone at Serena Brasserie



Serena Brasserie at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur welcomes its new Chef de Cuisine, Mohd Zalizam, with ‘A Taste of Perak and Penang’ – a journey into the food traditions of the northern region of Peninsula Malaysia. The promotion features dishes such as Daging Masak Hitam (meat in dark gravy) and Sotong Masak Kunyit (squids in turmeric sauce), amongst others. Showcasing some 30 dishes daily, the promotion runs till November 15. Meanwhile, in November, Exec. Chinese Chef Wong Lian You serves abalone in dishes such as braised South Africa 16 Head Superior Abalone with Diced Truffle and Forest Mushroom Dumpling or Sous Vide 3 Head Abalone with Lotus Root, Foie Gras, Chicken, Golden Broth and Truffle Oil at the Tao Chinese restaurant. Call +6 03-2161 1111 for reservations. www.intercontinental-kl.com.my

Percy LeBaron Spencer

Percy LeBaron Spencer


The microwave oven was invented quite by chance by Percy LeBaron Spencer when a chocolate bar he had in his pocket melted as he walked past a vacuum tube called a magnetron while doing research for the Raytheon Corporation. Fascinated, he experimented with popcorn, and later, having understood the science behind this discovery, Spencer created the microwave oven that has since become a standard kitchen appliance. 


Coffee Elements Malaysia


The boys behind Coffee Elements – Ahmad Zaki, Toh Peng Chung and Toh Kuan Ling – in Penang, Malaysia have pooled their resources and their love for coffee and opened a café that reflects their pride in offering quality coffee. They even designed the venue, and on display there are 320 hand-illustrated paper cups. The coffee flavourings and cakes at the café are homemade and contain no artificial flavourings, and its coffee beans have received a high rating of 93 for quality at www.coffeereview. com. Coffee Element Cafés are located at All Season Place in Ayer Hitam and at Gurney Paragon, Penang.
www.facebook.com/ CoffeeElementsMalaysia 

Mitani Chicken Salt

Mitani Chicken Salt


Skip the sodium and opt for Mitani Chicken Salt to spice up your meals. Initially created to add oomph to chicken dishes, the salt is quickly becoming a delicious alternative to traditional table salt. Made from natural products, Mitani Chicken Salt is gluten-free and contains no MSG. RRP at AUD2.20 per bottle and available at supermarkets across Australia. www.mitani.com.au


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