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Palatable Pleasures

Food plays such an important role in our lives that we even use it to express ourselves, while flowers that normally prettify a table can become an ingredient in our daily meals.

Words: R. Rajendra 

A Natural High

Airasia-Air-Asia-Travel3Sixty-Travel360-Palatable-Pleasures-EQ8-Oranges-Passion Fruit

If you are looking for an energy drink that is packed with natural goodness, try the new EQ8 Orange & Passion Fruit! Made from natural ingredients such as green tea, guarana and just a nip of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, the drink provides you with a pleasant jolt of energy within minutes. Combining the refreshing taste of oranges and the revitalising properties of coffee, EQ8 is lightly sparkling and is best enjoyed chilled.Grab one today and put that spring back in your step. Priced at only MYR6, EQ8 is available on board Malaysia AirAsia flights.

Light My Fire

Richard Miller, the new Director of Cuisine at W Retreat Seminyak in Bali has overhauled the menu at Fire, the resort’s grill restaurant, offering guests a brand new culinary experience that includes fresh produce from an organic garden with emphasis on traditional Indonesian herbs. The outlet’s offerings still revolve around grilled dishes such as grain-fed Black Angus prime rib aged 200 days and Wagyu Beef +7 marbling grade from the wood-fi red grill. New highlights include Iced Lombok Prawn Ceviche and Torched Tuna Chutoro. Wanting to introduce locally grown cocoa products in the menu, Miller is working closely with fellow Australian, Toby Garritt, who has set up a chocolate factory and café in Bali called Pod Chocolate. The collaboration has resulted in Miller creating delicious chocolate dishes such as the Pod Chocolate Melting Sphere (white chocolate mousse, popping candy, choc-mint streusel and orange jelly) and Pod Couverture (chocolate chilli brulé, dark chocolate soufflé, milk chocolate bon bon, macaroon,ice cream and pandan cotton candy). www.starwoodhotels.com





Flavours Of Melbourne

With signature recipes like Spicy Tuna Tataki from Izakaya Den Chef Yosuke Furukawa and Risotto Venere with Bug Tails from Grossi Florentino Chefs Guy Grossi and Chris Rodriguez, this coffee table book invites readers on a culinary excursion through Melbourne’s best restaurants and bars. Restaurant owners also share stories and anecdotes on the history of their eateries, and the inspiration behind some of their popular dishes. With beautiful photography that can serve as inspiration to budding restaurateurs worldwide, this book is a definite keeper and a great gift idea for foodies.www.smudgehouse.com

It Makes Zense 

Located on the 17th floor of Zen World in downtown Bangkok, ZENSE Gourmet Deck & Lounge Panorama is all set to wow epicurean sensibilities with what’s being touted as the most sensational wining and dining outlet in the Big Mango. Offering a tantalising spread of international cuisines such as Thai, Italian, Japanese fusion, Indian and contemporary fusion complemented with a to-die-for array of decadent desserts and an extensive selection of wines and cocktails — all served in a stylish-yet-comfy setting, Zense is a true feast for the senses in every sense of the word. With spectacular city views from the ZENSE Gourmet Deck and Lounge Panorama, this is not merely a place to grab a bite but a destination dining experience that highlights the pleasures of wining and dining in an environment that is as elegant as it is exciting. Zense is open daily from 5.00pm to 1.00am. For reservations, call +66 (0) 2100 9898. www.zensebangkok.com




Cola Decoder

Take a sip of your favourite cola and try describing the taste. Chances are you’ll fumble for words and end up giving vague descriptions. Cola tastes like… well… cola! The recipe for this world famous soda drink is a fiercely guarded secret. Researchers claim it contains the ingredients listed below but good luck in trying to recreate your own batch!

Possible Ingredients In Cola 

Citric acid • caffeine • sugar • lime juice • vanilla • caramel • orange oil • lemon oil • nutmeg oil
• coriander • neroli •cinnamon • water


Eating Flowers

Flowers don’t just look pretty as a garnish; some are edible too! A large variety of flowers can be tossed into salads and some can even be cooked – for example, zucchini flowers as their large petals hold their shape when fried. Some flowers like rose and lavender lend a delicate fragrance to desserts, while others like chrysanthemum and hibiscus can be dried and steeped as tisane. Do ensure the flowers that you consume are free from pesticides, and not collected from roadsides. Additionally, some parts of the flowering plant may be poisonous. 


Food Speak

Food has found its way into language and how we express ourselves. Here are some popular idioms and expressions with food as a basis.

  • Full Of Beans – Someone who is overly energetic
  • To Cook Someone’s Goose – To damage or ruin someone
  • To Cry Over Spilt Milk – To express regret over something that’s already done
  • Milk Of Human Kindness – Sympathy and compassion
  • Not For All The Tea In China – Not for anything at all in the world
  • To Eat Humble Pie – To admit one’s mistake
  • Eat High On The Hog – Eat luxurious food
  • Eat Like A Bird – Eat very little