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Time To Rejoice

Ramadan isn’t just about feasting after fasting; it is a call to adhere to strict religious practices amongst Muslims worldwide to abstain from food and water from sunrise  to sunset. Apart from detoxifying body and mind, the act creates empathy for the less fortunate. Breaking fast with family and community makes the event even more joyful!

Words: R. Rajendra

Fast & Feast

Here’s your chance to try out various local dishes and cuisines throughout the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims worldwide break their daily fast.


Le Mèridien Kuala Lumpur

Latest Recipe at Le Mèridien Kuala Lumpur serves up a host of Malay dishes with a hint of the Middle East. Try traditional offerings such as Sup Jernih Udang Galah (jumbo prawns in clear soup) and Asam Pedas Batang Keladi (tender yam pith in hot and sour gravy). Visit www.discoverlemeridien.com or call +60322637434.


The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Presenting Juadah Iftar – A Night of Tradition, The Westin Kuala Lumpur mesmerises with a rich spread of over 101 local favourites laid out in a night market concept. Diners will also be served Zam Zam water brought in from Mecca for the breaking of fast. Visit www.thewestinkualalumpur.com or call +60327318333.


Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Treat yourself to a culinary extravaganza at the halal-certified Essence, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Not to be missed is The All Star Steamboat Affair Ramadan that offers six types of broths to cook your food in. Visit www.sheraton.com/imperialkualalumpur or call +60327179933.


Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Ramadan buffet offers a hearty mix of traditional and contemporary dishes from various countries. These range from Harissa Lamb to Nasi Padang (Sumatran rice and dishes) and typical local favourites such as Assam Laksa and Mamak Mee. The Centre also provides a designated prayer room and an on-site ablution facility for Muslims to perform their Maghrib, Isya’ and Tarawih prayers. Visit www.klccconventioncentre.com or call +60323332866         

Rice To The Occasion 

Sometimes, seemingly strange food pairings can prove to be the best combinations! Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes combine healthy wholegrain rice cakes with lashings of European chocolate or berry yoghurt for a healthy snack. These delicious morsels are gluten-free, low in calories, and free from preservatives, colours and flavours. Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes are available in selected Woolworths and Coles stores in Australia. RRP AUD3.40 per pack. www.tableofplenty.com.au


Malaysian Supper In London


Malaysian chef Norman Musa, who is the current holder of the Asian Curry Awards’ ‘Young Asian & Oriental Chef of the Year’, has launched the Supper Club in East London. Themed around authentic ethnic and regional cuisines of Malaysia every month, the event, which was launched exclusively on Facebook in March this year, was a sell-out success. More such events are being planned in July with a focus on Malaysian street food. The London chapter of the Supper Club will be held at the chef’s canal-side apartment near Olympic Stadium, enabling foodies to interact with the chef and learn how to serve up authentic Malaysian dishes in their own homes. www.normanmusa.com

Tuna’ Riffic 

The Urban Herbs Grill & Bar at 101 Bali Legian has introduced a delicious new offering to its menu: Grilled Tuna Loin, which is proving to be a hit with the health conscious set. The restaurant, known for its made-from-scratch cuisine, welcomes guests to savour the fresh and healthy fl avours of the grilled A-grade tuna rolled in sesame seeds and garlic lime butter, and served with potato wedges and a side salad. This new offering makes for a lovely summer dish and is priced at IDR95.000++. www.the101bali.com



Coffee Cure 

When a barista is not on hand, opt for the Krups EA9000 Espresso for perfectly-brewed coffees every time. This unique one-touch cappuccino machine with automatic steam nozzle cleaning brews classic espressos and flavourful coffees at the touch of a button. A real smart feature with the Krups EA9000 is the patented automatic cleaning system that automatically rinses the frothing nozzle after every use for maximum hygiene. For cappuccinos, the two-step frothing technology pre-heats milk and froths it directly in the cup to provide the best froth consistency and temperature for the brew. www.krups.com   


Virgin Coconut Oil 
Move over olive oil! Some believe that coconut oil has even greater health properties. Virgin or cold pressed coconut oil is produced by extracting oil from dehydrated coconut flakes without the use of any chemical or heating processes. This enables the oil to retain its nutrients – mainly the much lauded lauric acid that is said to be only found in coconut oil and human breast milk. Virgin coconut oil should be clear, smell like coconut and solidify into a thick butter-like paste. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Consumption or topical use of virgin coconut oil is said to help in the treatment of many ailments such as rheumatism, and cure skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. 
Know Your Milk
  • Fresh Milk/Regular Milk/Full Cream Milk/Whole Milk Containing about 3.8 to 4% milk fat, this milk is pasteurised and homogenised.
  • Reduced Fat Milk Only 2% of milk fat is retained but with added proteins.
  • Low Fat Milk Fat content is reduced to about 1.5% but added proteins and calcium may be present.
  • Skim Milk Has no more than 0.15% milk fat but milk solids are added for taste.
  • Modified Milk Caters for specific dietary needs by enriching with calcium or fortifying with iron. 
  • Lactose Reduced/Lactose Free Milk Has some or all the lactose (the sugar naturally occurring in milk) removed making it easier to digest for those suffering from lactose intolerance. 
  • Buttermilk/Cultured Milk Has a tangy flavour similar to natural yogurt. A special starter culture is added to the pasteurised milk to develop the flavour and acidity.
  • Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) A powerful heat treatment is applied to the milk that ensures all microorganisms and heat resistant enzymes are inactivated. Long-life milk can be stored unopened outside of a refrigerator for extended periods, but must be refrigerated once opened.

Eggs Perfected

Boiling an egg is a no-brainer, right? Well, not if you want a perfectly boiled egg with no grey ring around the yolk. Here’s how your yolk can remain a sunny orb surrounded by pristine egg white.

  • Place eggs in a large pan and fill with cold water till the water level reaches about an inch above the eggs.
  • Bring to a boil on medium heat.
  • The moment water boils, remove from heat, cover and let sit for 12 minutes.
  • Drain hot water, cool under running water to stop cooking process, peel and serve.