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  • Rickshaw Rickshaw

    Local Rides

    Getting around on your vacation doesn’t have to just involve buses, taxis and trains. Step out of your comfort zone and experience the uniqueness of local transportation wherever you go.

    Words: Crystal Soo 

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  • toraja toraja

    Life & Death in Toraja

    Believed to have descended from the stars, the Torajans of Sulawesi are a unique people who practise elaborate funeral rituals for their deceased.

    Words: Stephanie Brookes  Photography: David Metcalf

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  • Father m33 and son m2 reading a tiny book on an airplane Father m33 and son m2 reading a tiny book on an airplane

    No Fears, No Tears

    Knowing that air travel can be scary for kids, Captain Lim Khoy Hing explains what to expect when flying to put young travellers at ease. When I was little, my parents never had to worry about us kids when it came to air travel. It was never going to happen anyway, as we were too poor even to afford a bus ride!

    Words: Captain Lim Khoy Hing  Images: Inmagine & Getty Images

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  • Majestic Hotel dining halls Majestic Hotel dining halls

    Colonial Magic

    As a young girl, I’d passed the old Majestic Hotel countless times and imagined what it must’ve been like in its heyday, the era of swing music, fedoras and white dinner jackets. This white Art Deco building had been the place to be and be seen back in the 30s and even right up till the 70s, before its lustre began to dim, and it was surpassed by newer hotels, and later, converted into an art gallery in the 80s.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues

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