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  • East indies mansion georgetown Penang East indies mansion georgetown Penang

    East Indies Mansion

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the East Indies Mansion, a seven-room boutique hotel with a name that conjured images of a vast colonial empire stretching from the British East Indies eastwards to the Dutch and Spanish East Indies, encompassing what is now Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues

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  • wall art by Ranjit Dahiya wall art by Ranjit Dahiya

    Walls in Transition

    Collaborative street art projects are transforming Mumbai’s walls into canvases for creative minds. capturing the spirit of this dynamic city.

    Words: Prathap Nair  Photography: Nimish Sawant

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  • Ocean Beach Pool1 Ocean Beach Pool1

    AYANA Resort and Spa Bali

    There’s something about island getaways that appeals to the romantic in me. The promise of swaying palms, sugar-white sand that crackles beneath my feet in the midday sun and lazy evenings spent sipping sundowners while watching the sun melt into the ocean proves an irresistible temptation.

    Words: Chitra Santhinathan

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  • featured_yee sang featured_yee sang

    Season For Good Eats

    The eating spree begins with aphrodisiacs that set the stage for romance to festive dishes that bring the family together.

    Words By: Chitra Santhinathan

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