• Owl Preview

    Owl I Want To Do, Is Have Some Fun!

    Amidst the glittering neon lights from the landmark Glico Man, fragrant smells of takoyaki, and troves of folks pacing the streets of Dotonbori, Osaka, sits a happy place for animal lovers. Let’s take an inside look at an owl café – this will be a hoot!

    Words and Photography: Irvin Hanni

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  • Coffee art

    The Nearly Naked Guide to Chinatown Hangouts

    When in Kuala Lumpur, leave your inhibitions behind and escape the mid-day heat in the heart of Chinatown. Strip down to basics and chill under the shade of five-foot walkways and delightful cafés that popped up in the past few years.

    Words and Photography: Abby Yao

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  • 121




    文字&摄影:苏津蔚    Helen Soh

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  • Songkran8

    Songkran Highlights 2014!

    What better way to celebrate the Thailand New Year than with one of its most famous (and fun) festivals. 

    Compiled by: Ellyse Ng

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  • View from the northern side of the lake1

    24 Hours at Sun Moon Lake

    Legendary Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s top attractions, and rightly so. Sparkling waters in turquoise and cerulean hues framed by misty peaks and leafy trails are perfect for leisurely strolls, picturesque hikes and well-planned cycling routes. Our 24-hour itinerary takes you on an overnight excursion just a few hours away from Taipei.

    Words & Photography: Abby Yao

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  • 0 featured image




    文字:杨慧淇 Ashley Yong   摄影:谢莟槟 Cheah Aun Pein

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  • Dirty ice cream CC-BY Abby Yao

    7 Life-Changing Filipino Desserts

    Dessert is never just dessert—it brings you to a state of bliss that only your taste buds can take you to. Trust us when we say these seven mouthwatering sweet escapes from the Philippines can change not just your blood sugar levels, but your life as well!

    Words: Abby Yao

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  • World Cosplay Summit (2)

    Nagoya For All

    From castles to cosplay, Nagoya has many playful offerings for a fun family vacation. 

    Words: Mark Andrews   Images: Inmagine & Nagoya Tourism

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  • Swimming pool1

    Romancing Indochina

    Forming part of Indochina, Cambodia and Vietnam are both fascinating countries resplendent with amazing history, culture and cuisine. From homely guesthouses to ultra-luxurious resorts, the charm of this region is aptly captured in these hotels.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues

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  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

    Rail Stars

    Train journeys, most certainly, offer breathtaking scenery, but get ready for spectacular sights when you pull into some of the world’s most amazing train stations – symbols of past empires that have survived wars and the onslaught of urban development. 

    Words: Efi Eqbal   Images: Inmagine, Getty Images & Corbis

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  • Easter Egg1

    Savour Spring

    Eat well and live healthy while being aware of what goes into your food. 

    Words: R. Rajendra

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