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  • Maligawa Tusker Maligawa Tusker

    A Prayer for Rain

    The Sri Lankan city of Kandy comes alive with the sights and sounds of the annual Esala Perahera, a grand pageant that commemorates the victory of good over evil, honours a sacred relic and invokes rain.

    Words: Chitra Santhinathan Photography: Affendi Abd Hamid / FND 

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  • Shibuya Intersection,Tokyo,Japan Shibuya Intersection,Tokyo,Japan

    Travellers’ Checklist

    Tick all the boxes as you experience some of the exciting must-do activities around Asia and beyond.

    Words: Keeta Brennan

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  • Guestroom, Fusion Maia resort, Da Nang, Vietnam Guestroom, Fusion Maia resort, Da Nang, Vietnam

    The Fusion Feeling

    “Breathe in. Breathe out. Inhale positive energy. Exhale negative energy. Listen to the sounds of nature, the sounds of life around you”. I dutifully did as instructed and felt waves of calm wash over me while the daily stresses of life melted away.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan

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  • No words needed. Alex Springenschmidt No words needed. Alex Springenschmidt

    Bali Biking

    Bali is not just about surfing, beach life and cocktails. This tropical island is also home to amazing biking tracks that offer an adrenalin rush on two-wheels.

    Words & Photography: Thomas Soyland

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