• The Furbulous World of Cat Cafes

    The Furbulous World of Cat Cafés

    Come for the cats, and stay for the cats. Travel 3Sixty resident cat aficionado takes a meow-some look into a must-visit attraction in Japan, South Korea, and some say, Taiwan too!

    Words, photos & tummy rubs by Irvin Hanni 

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  • Tasmania-preview


    Australia’s smallest state enchants with its raw, natural beauty and island vibe.

    Words: Chitra S. Photography: Adam Lee 

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  • Islands-Beaches-Top-5-Family-Getaways-kids-family-vacation-Air-Asia-AirAsia-Travel3Sixty-Travel-360

    Top 5 Family Getaways In Asia

    Just when you thought you could take a break between juggling work meetings, parent-teacher conferences, ballet lessons and soccer practices, spending time with your family could be a huge hassle without the proper preparation and research. Think unsuitable locations, none child-friendly activities, inconvenient travelling and food that makes a child’s face turn a sickly green. Why not make life simpler with these amazing destinations that guarantee some family-friendly fun?

    By Irvin Hanni

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  • Fiery sunset at the end of a hot day_Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia_Jeffrey Lee Jia Chang_preview

    Great Shot! 10 Stunning Travel Photos of Photoblog

    Nothing tells a travel story more succinctly than striking visuals. From Travel 3Sixty Photoblog’s growing collection of inspiring images from all over the world shared by our fans, here are 10 wonderful photos that we and our fans love. Take a look at how they captured the picture perfect moment.

    Compiled by: Abby Yao

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