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  • classroom training session with Captain Lim1 classroom training session with Captain Lim1

    An Aviator’s Ascent

    Captain Lim Khoy Hing explains what it takes to become the commander of an aircraft. 

    Words: Captain Lim Khoy Hing  Images: Ariff Shah 

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  • M63, M38, dispute, airplane cockpit, Bavaria Studio, Munich, Germany M63, M38, dispute, airplane cockpit, Bavaria Studio, Munich, Germany

    Saying No to Your Boss

    Bosses generally get their way while subordinates merely nod, agree and walk away. Not so in the airline industry. When lives are at stake, not only are co-pilots trained to speak up, they can also wrest control and land the aircraft safely. Capt. Lim Khoy Hing explains why it is NOT insubordination when this situation arises in the cockpit.

    Images: Inmagine

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  • jet-over-snow-mountain-pilots-december-2012_featured jet-over-snow-mountain-pilots-december-2012_featured

    Mother Nature’s Mood Swings

    This month, Capt. Lim Khoy Hing discusses how the airline industry prepares for and deals with both the predictable and unpredictable moods of Mother Nature. From the winter season and ensuing problems the cold weather brings to volcanic eruptions that spew ash into the air, the airline industry requires thorough and meticulous preparations to reduce and prevent potential problems.

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  • Pilot's Perspective Pilot's Perspective

    The 10 Memory Items

    A pilot has a lot on his plate when he steps into the cockpit to get ready for a flight. It’s quite different compared to what a motorist faces when inside a car. As the pilot is responsible for so many lives in a very expensive flying machine, he is also one of the most checked, evaluated and tested individuals on earth.

    Words: Capt. Lim Khoy Hing

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