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    Universal Studios Singapore: A Day of Fun, Fun, Fun!

    When it was announced that there will be a new ride at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), my heart jumped a beat. The theme park is celebrating its fifth year anniversary this year, and it just dawned on me that I’ve never been there before, so this seems like a perfect time to go.

    Words Irvin Hanni      Images Universal Studios Singapore

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  • Featured Image Featured Image

    4 Fun School Holiday Activities in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

    That’s right! School’s out, and there’s plenty of time for some fun-filled activities. Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas for the entire family this school holiday that will make you wish you had an even longer break!

    Compiled by Danny Lau

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  • Mother's Day 2015 -featured image Mother's Day 2015 -featured image

    Mum’s the Best Travel Mate

    Travelling is a hobby best enjoyed when you are with the right company, but how many of you have actually travelled with the most important woman in your life?

    Words and Images: AirAsia AllStars

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  • baby baby

    Naughty / Nice

    Looking back over the years, the Travel 3Sixty° team divulges childhood secrets that once put them on Santa’s ‘Naughty’ list.

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  • Clay skeletons, calavera catrina, figurines in San Miguel de Allende. Clay skeletons, calavera catrina, figurines in San Miguel de Allende.

    Touching the Other Side

    Celebrating Halloween this month, Travel 3Sixty looks at how different cultures commune with the spirits, appease wandering ghosts and honour ancestors with special rituals that lift the veil between the realms.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • Mei-Yi-Foo_thumb Mei-Yi-Foo_thumb

    Mei Yi Foo

    As a child perplexed watching her cousins groan during piano practice, Mei Yi Foo’s curiosity led her to tinkle with the ivories herself, fine-tuning a skill that has won her a legion of fans and accolades that include being named the BBC’s Music Magazine Awards Best Newcomer of the Year (2013). The talented London-based concert pianist who has played with notable orchestras from the BBC Concert Orchestra to the Helsinki Philharmonic tells Travel 3Sixty how her Malaysian roots have coloured her performances.

    Words : Chitra S

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  • Baby Jim Aditya - preview_thumb Baby Jim Aditya - preview_thumb

    Baby Jim Aditya

    Passionate about the fight against HIV/AIDS, DJ-turned-activist Baby Jim Aditya has lived with sex workers in red-light districts in an effort to educate them on HIV/AIDS, visited prisons to teach inmates about the dangers of used needles and unprotected sex, and challenged deep rooted prejudices in her country’s patriarchal society. Here, she tells us why she believes attitudes have to change.

    Compiled by Chitra S

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