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  • Cantonese claypot rice Cantonese claypot rice

    Fusion & Evolution

    The Singapore Heritage Cookbook series serves up tantalising whiffs of the island nation’s delicious and diverse cuisines, tracing the origins of specific dishes for a greater appreciation of cultural identity.

    Words: Leonard Jeyam       Images: Courtesy Of Marshall Cavendish

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  • Palatable Pleasures-preview Palatable Pleasures-preview

    Palatable Pleasures

    Food plays such an important role in our lives that we even use it to express ourselves, while flowers that normally prettify a table can become an ingredient in our daily meals.

    Words: R. Rajendra 

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  • preview preview

    Fusion Groove

    Japanese fusion cuisine combines the sensibilities and artistry of one of the world’s most renowned cuisines with flavours and cooking techniques from around the world.

    Words: Lyra Deanna   Photography: Adam Lee

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