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  • china rocks featured image china rocks featured image

    China Rocks!

    A haven for rock climbers, China has plenty to offer, from gigantic limestone arches to blood-red sandstone cliffs split by perfect cracks.

    Words & Photography: Derek Cheng

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  • Terrace-Rice Terrace-Rice

    On The Dragon’s Back

    Despite Guilin having its world renowned karst formation and spectacular scenes of the Li River, further away, a manmade marvel called the Longji terraces that has survived for thousands of years stand testament to man’s ingenuity in taming his environment.

    Words: R. Rajendra     Images:  Adam Lee &  Guilin Longji Tourism

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  • Hatsune Miku costume with cosplay girl, Akihabara. Hatsune Miku costume with cosplay girl, Akihabara.

    Great Escapes

    Travelling has a way of altering perspectives on life, and can even be a catalyst to life-changing experiences. Here’s a list of the best places for specific experiences, be it rekindling romance or savouring history. 

    Words: Efi Eqbal

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  • Yearning for Yangshuo Yearning for Yangshuo

    Yearning for Yangshuo

    In a little unknown town named Yangshuo, a curious traveller finds serenity and beauty in the heart of China.

    By Ellyse Ng

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  • superhigh_imb0851018 superhigh_imb0851018

    Awesome All the Way!

    With bright blue skies and azure waters coming together to create the most inviting seaside settings, a beach holiday is just the thing to put the zing back into your life. Planning to take one but don’t know where to head to? Simply book your next awesome destination with AirAsia and let your woes melt away at the region’s Top 8 beach destinations!

    Words: Shoba Pillai

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  • Dragon-Drum_Web Dragon-Drum_Web

    Enter the Dragon

    The dawn of Chinese New Year 2012 also marks the start of the auspicious Year of the Dragon. With a rich history that intertwines royalty, ritual and religion, the mythical dragons of Asia have long been revered as symbols of courage, power and wisdom.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah

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