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  • Baguio Baguio

    What’s in Metro Manila? 13 Things You Need to Know

    If all you know about Manila are jeepneys rip-roaring on the roads, basketball courts on every street, and karaoke joints on every corner, then you’ve missed out on what this booming megalopolis is all about! Hop on in, fasten your seatbelt, and get schooled on the Big 13 you shouldn’t miss in one of Asia’s most populous yet exciting cities! 

    Compiled by: Abby Yao

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  • Jeepneys Jeepneys

    Mabuhay Philippines!

    The Philippines is a nation that is geographically set apart from mainland Southeast Asia, and comes with its own unique traditions and practices. It is a country defined by devout Catholicism, emerald-green rice fields, buzzing megacities, festivals and feasts, colourful jeepneys, smouldering volcanoes and truly resilient people.

    Words : Efi Hafizah Hamzah    Photography : Adam Lee & Getty Images

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  • Unearthing Historical Structures-preview Unearthing Historical Structures-preview

    Unearthing Historical Structures

    To truly appreciate historical sites, travellers need to move beyond merely soaking up beauty, and dig deeper to understand the motivation behind their creation. Here, we ‘excavate’ interesting facts on some of the world’s most amazing UNESCO world heritage sites.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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