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  • Dead-Stick-Glide-Landing plane-Airport-Airplane-Pilot-AirAsia-Air-Asia-Travel-3Sixty Dead-Stick-Glide-Landing plane-Airport-Airplane-Pilot-AirAsia-Air-Asia-Travel-3Sixty

    Dead-Stick Glide Landing

    Can a plane still fly and land safely should it lose both its engines? This is a question that is frequently asked and needs to be answered to dispel doubts. Capt. Lim Khoy Hing explains what a Dead-Stick glide is and why, despite engine failures, it is possible for any trained pilots to safely land an aircraft on any fl at open ground.

    Images: Inmagine 

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  • Brunei-Baru-Nah-wrecks-diving-scuba-underwater-marine-AirAsia-Travel-3Sixty Brunei-Baru-Nah-wrecks-diving-scuba-underwater-marine-AirAsia-Travel-3Sixty

    Brunei Baru-Nah!

    Rich in natural resources and one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the world, Brunei Darussalam reveals yet another treasure, which is perhaps more valuable than all its petroleum put together: Its untouched coral reefs and marine biodiversity.

    Words & Photography: Lawrence Alex Wu

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  • Haven of Lived Time Haven of Lived Time

    Haven of Lived Time

    Fall under the spell of Luang Prabang and Vientiane in timeless Laos, the setting for an unusually contemplative holiday.

    Words and images: Abby Yao

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  • Prambanan-Yogyakarta-Indonesia Prambanan-Yogyakarta-Indonesia

    Eye on Indonesia

    Indonesia is a place of limitless excitement. The country offers an environment as diverse as its people – a population of over 300 ethnic groups scattered over 17,500 islands across the equator between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • rocket-festival rocket-festival

    Rockets for Life

    Keeping an ancient covenant, rockets blast off from a small farming village in Laos’ Vientiane province, promising longevity for all.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues Photography: Adam Lee

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  • I I

    In Pursuit of Beauty

    Beauty is only skin deep. So goes the popular saying but for the average South Korean, there is nothing superficial about the quest for flawless, good looks.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah Images: Inmagine

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  • knowledge is king_preview knowledge is king_preview

    Knowledge is King

    Fear of flying or pteromerhanophobia is a very real and debilitating anxiety for many passengers, mostly exacerbated by lack of information. Not being in control is bad enough but ignorance and refusal to seek knowledge can lead to irrational fears that will forever haunt the victim. The good news is that passengers nowadays take the trouble to educate themselves by asking questions on many issues related to flying. Many have personally written to Captain Lim Khoy Hing with their worries and queries. Here are some of the commonly raised questions about flying.

    Words: Capt. Lim Khoy Hing

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