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  • Pinang Peranakan Mansion by Abby Yao featured image Pinang Peranakan Mansion by Abby Yao featured image

    The Peranakan Connection

    Beyond beautiful sarong kebaya and colourful shophouses, the Peranakan heritage is the unseen thread that binds Southeast Asian nations together. We asked our writer Ari about his fascination with the subject and he shared what he discovered on his travels around the region.

    Words by Ari Fajar

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  • Mosques-of-Malaysia-preview Mosques-of-Malaysia-preview

    Gateway to Jannah

    As centres of religious and community activities, mosques bring the faithful together in their common goal to reach a higher level of spirituality and unity with the Almighty. In Malaysia, each of the 13 states has a state mosque with a unique architectural story of its own rooted in the history of the people. *Jannah refers to paradise in the arabic language

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • A A

    An Affair To Remember

    Vacation with your loved one is not about getting away, it’s about getting in touch.

    Words: Irvin Hanni

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  • Perdana Putra_Thumbnail_150 Perdana Putra_Thumbnail_150

    More of Malaysia With Less Moolah!

    Rara invites you on a virtual tour.

    Whenever I travel, I always play Malaysia’s little ambassador to new people I meet. The excited looks on their faces when I tell them why they should visit Malaysia are priceless. Plus, the country is very affordable to explore if you know the drill.

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