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    Style Flying High

    AirAsia’s Allstars Flight Attendants (FAs) come from all over the region and are proud ambassadors of their respective countries. Here, they talk to us about their homelands as they take the new Compression and Weekend outfits for a spin, and tell us what they most like most about them.

    Styling: R. Rajendra   Art Direction: Kan Seak Hong

    Photography: Adam Lee   Make-up & Hair: Joey Yap & Team

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  • Kenyah Tribe_Thumbnail_150

    Revisiting Miri’s Kenyah Tribe

    A city boy’s adventure in a tropical jungle

    By Stanley Liew

    We woke up very early in the morning in Miri, Sarawak, about six if I recall correctly. I was still tired, having just arrived the night before via AirAsia. But we have a long journey ahead so it’s best for us to get a good head start.

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  • Surfs Up_Thumbnail_150

    Surf’s Up!

    Discover your budget surfing destination

    By Farah Nadiah

    Dubbed Asian Surfing Paradise, Southeast Asia has so much to offer to surfers with Pacitan, Bali, Siargao and Calicao Islands as amongst the best surf sites this part of the world. And would you be surprised if I tell you that Malaysia also has its own surf site and it’s Cherating?

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  • CNY Offerings_Thumbnail_150

    Gong Xi Fa Chai, Penang!

    Getaway to Penang’s biggest cultural event!

    By nateniale

    What I love about travelling is experiencing the rich culture and meeting the locals and what better way to do that than to join the locals to celebrate one of their biggest festivals.

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  • Kuching Meows_Thumbnail_150

    A Purr-fect Family Trip!

    Discovering Kuching on a shoestring

    By Jovin Wong

    It’s hard, yes. Travelling for one and travelling for four is very different but not impossible. With the right kind of help and proper planning, I successfully took my parents and my sister to the ‘Land of the Hornbills’–Sarawak in East Malaysia.

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  • Trishaw_Thumbnail_150

    How I Rediscovered Penang Heritage: Day 3

    Sky-rocket your senses without a hole in your pocket!

    By mVig

    We got on our feet early since it was our last day in Penang and we wanted to make full use of every minute.

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  • Temple_Thumbnail_150

    How I Rediscovered Penang Heritage: Day 2

    Sky-rocket your senses without a hole in your pocket!

    By mVig

    “Clang”, goes the rusty bell. “Clang”, goes the bell again. To join in morning puja (prayers) in a Hindu temple, is to wake as early as 6:00am. The doors of the Hindus’ shrine, the Mahamariamman Temple–dedicated to the goddess Mariamman–are open to all.

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