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  • Bewitching Tioman Sunset_Tioman, Johor Bahru, Malaysia_Ng Lg_preview Bewitching Tioman Sunset_Tioman, Johor Bahru, Malaysia_Ng Lg_preview

    Great Shot! Travel Malaysia in 10 Photos

    Calling all shutterbugs! If you think you’ve seen the best of Malaysia, it’s time to show us what you’ve got. We’re looking for the most stunning images of Malaysia and we’re sure you have a few up your laptop sleeve. To get you started, here are 10 picks from all over the country, from Langkawi off the peninsula all the way east to Sipadan, as shared by our fans on the Travel 3Sixty Photoblog.

    Compiled by Abby Yao

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  • Mukah Kaul Festival Mukah Kaul Festival

    Mukah Kaul Festival: A Journey to Melanau Heartland

    Curious about the non-conforming customs (and the food) of Sarawak’s Kaul Festival, our resident Bornean took on the task to dig deeper into the Melanau’s unique festival.

    Words & Photos: Ari Fajar

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  • 最爱落日在沙巴 最爱落日在沙巴



    文字:萧瑞霞 Swee Har  摄影:网际飞侠

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  • Crowd at Music Conference Asia Crowd at Music Conference Asia

    Electronic Music Invasion

    More than just a music conference, the final weekend of April was filled with electronic music madness. Travel 3Sixty’s youngest writer was at Music Conference Asia 2013 and Global Sound System to experience it all!

    By Adli Syahril    Photography By Adli Syahril & Global Sound Masters

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  • The Impatient Sisters The Impatient Sisters

    The Impatient Sisters

    Malaysian indie music darlings Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib may hail from a small town but they definitely pack a big punch. Calling themselves The Impatient Sisters, the siblings are rising stars in the indie music scene with their beautiful harmonies and sweet yet edgy music. The sisters share their journey thus far with Travel 3Sixty°.

    Compiled by: Chitra S

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  • FMFA-preview FMFA-preview

    Future Music: Where the World Says Andalé!

    “Can I take a picture of your shoes?”

    I was startled by the question from the female half of the Thai couple I had just met. But when I looked at their feet, I realised that what she asked wasn’t that bizarre. She, her husband and I had the same shoes, only in different colours. We are the same, but different. As in footwear, we are one in speaking the universal language of music.

    Words: Abby Yao   Photography: Irvin Hanni 

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  • Depth of Devotion Depth of Devotion

    Depth of Devotion

    Celebrated on a grand scale in Malaysia and other countries with sizeable Tamil speaking communities, Thaipusam showcases religious fervour. Above that, devotees elevate the concept of ‘mind-over-matter’ to lofty heights where pain and fear become meaningless in the face of devotion.

    Words & Photography: Magda Biskup

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