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    Islamic Inheritance

    Throughout the ages, the Islamic world has conceived distinctive art forms, designs and fashions that continue to evolve, and produced eminent scholars who have changed the way we look at the world. 

    Words: Efi Eqbal  Images: Corbis, Inmagine & Getty Image

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  • 金黄色的倒影 金黄色的倒影




    文字:萧瑞霞 Swee Har          摄影:萧瑞霞/Adam Lee/甘在斌/王忠祥/薛冬

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  • Pheonix-Mosque_Hangzhou_CC-by-Evgenii_edited2 Pheonix-Mosque_Hangzhou_CC-by-Evgenii_edited2

    Your Muslim-Friendly Guide to Hangzhou

    A city known for its breathtaking scenery with some Islamic elements on sight, join our writer Shafiqah as she gives you the rundown on this wonderful city called ‘Heaven on Earth’ as a Muslim traveller.

    Words by: Shafiqah Shafie

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  • Mosques-of-Malaysia-preview Mosques-of-Malaysia-preview

    Gateway to Jannah

    As centres of religious and community activities, mosques bring the faithful together in their common goal to reach a higher level of spirituality and unity with the Almighty. In Malaysia, each of the 13 states has a state mosque with a unique architectural story of its own rooted in the history of the people. *Jannah refers to paradise in the arabic language

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • Vietnam-Food-Muslim-Friendly-Indochina-Blog-Contest-Winner-AirAsia Vietnam-Food-Muslim-Friendly-Indochina-Blog-Contest-Winner-AirAsia

    Gastronomical Ho Chi Minh City

    Get the best out of Ho Chi Minh City as Muslim Friendly Indochina Blog Contest Winners — Wan Hassan Wan Ismail and Azatulsheeda Mohd Azman highlight the best places to eat halal food and visit Islamic structures! 

    Images: Wan Hassan Wan IsmailAzatulsheeda Mohd Azman and AirAsia.

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  • Pad Thai_Thumbnail Pad Thai_Thumbnail

    Muslim-Friendly Hotspots!

    Travelling is always fun–you get to experience different things which you never thought could possibly exist and enjoy every second of it instead of looking high and low for Muslim-friendly places. So for our Muslim fans, here’s a list of Muslim-friendly food places and mosques at some of our destinations to quell your worries while travelling and have more time for exploring!

    Compiled by : Jayne Kam

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