• World Cosplay Summit (2)

    Nagoya For All

    From castles to cosplay, Nagoya has many playful offerings for a fun family vacation. 

    Words: Mark Andrews   Images: Inmagine & Nagoya Tourism

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  • Owl Preview

    Owl I Want To Do, Is Have Some Fun!

    Amidst the glittering neon lights from the landmark Glico Man, fragrant smells of takoyaki, and troves of folks pacing the streets of Dotonbori, Osaka, sits a happy place for animal lovers. Let’s take an inside look at an owl café – this will be a hoot!

    Words and Photography: Irvin Hanni

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  • The Furbulous World of Cat Cafes

    The Furbulous World of Cat Cafés

    Come for the cats, and stay for the cats. Travel 3Sixty resident cat aficionado takes a meow-some look into a must-visit attraction in Japan, South Korea, and some say, Taiwan too!

    Words, photos & tummy rubs by Irvin Hanni 

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  • japan_thumb




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  • Kochi

    Top Of The List

    Every city, every town you visit is bound to have a selection of must-sees, must dos. But often, travellers are forced to pick and choose due to time constraints. Here is our list of places you simply cannot miss when visiting these cities.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • Dragon-Drum_Web

    Enter the Dragon

    The dawn of Chinese New Year 2012 also marks the start of the auspicious Year of the Dragon. With a rich history that intertwines royalty, ritual and religion, the mythical dragons of Asia have long been revered as symbols of courage, power and wisdom.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah

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  • T

    Eat Until You Drop

    Citizens of Osaka have a word to describe their attitude to eating: Kuidaore! which means ‘eat until you drop’. With a mix of proud food traditions, food theme parks, plastic food replicas and instant ramen noodles, visiting Osaka will certainly pile on the pounds.

    Words & Photography: Cedric Arnold/TCS

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