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  • Shibuya Intersection,Tokyo,Japan Shibuya Intersection,Tokyo,Japan

    Travellers’ Checklist

    Tick all the boxes as you experience some of the exciting must-do activities around Asia and beyond.

    Words: Keeta Brennan

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  • TV personality Reem Shahwa-around malaysia in 5 week TV personality Reem Shahwa-around malaysia in 5 week

    Around Malaysia in 5 Weeks: Penang & Langkawi

    Local TV personality Reem Shahwa takes her adventures up north this time around. She sets her sights on Penang for yummy goodies and stops by picturesque Langkawi for some well-deserved R&R in week 2 of our video series.

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  • art,bicycle and coffee art,bicycle and coffee

    Art, Bicycle & Coffee

    The policeman with a turban looked left and right whilst his hands reached out to grab the fire hose on his left, and the shotgun on his right – a scene not unusual in Penang. It’s a wire sculpture, one amongst many other street art pieces that have brought tourists from all over the world to George Town’s flourishing art scene.

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  • Rickshaw Rickshaw

    Local Rides

    Getting around on your vacation doesn’t have to just involve buses, taxis and trains. Step out of your comfort zone and experience the uniqueness of local transportation wherever you go.

    Words: Crystal Soo 

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  • Penang Street Arts Penang Street Arts

    Off The Wall

    Why limit your visit to an art gallery when you can walk the streets of George Town and explore quirky street art by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, as well as wrought iron installations that depict Penang’s history and urban culture. 

    Photography: Adam Lee 

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  • satay satay

    Fast & Feast

    The holy month of Ramadhan is a time when Muslims the world over observe fasting from sunrise to sunset. Following the fasting is feasting where the faithful gather to partake in glorious food and give thanks for having fulfilled their religious obligations. 

    Words: R. Rajendra

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  • Photo shoot at a cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1 Photo shoot at a cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1


    我和老公Ewen是在2012年1月通过 Instagram上认识的,我是台湾人,他是马来西亚人。原本不认识的我们,因为喜欢对方的照片而开始互相follow,不过却从未在彼此的照片上留言,直到我看见他拍了一张村上春树的书的照片,我们便开始在Instagram上互相留言交谈起来了。


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