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  • toraja toraja

    Life & Death in Toraja

    Believed to have descended from the stars, the Torajans of Sulawesi are a unique people who practise elaborate funeral rituals for their deceased.

    Words: Stephanie Brookes  Photography: David Metcalf

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  • Bayon Temple, Cambodia Bayon Temple, Cambodia

    6 Great Selfie-worthy Man-made Wonders in Asia

    A vacation means different things to each of us. Some see it as a chance to find peace, while others consider it as a journey for self-development. For many of us, though, whether we admit it or not, vacation is a chance to take jealousy-inducing selfies. Here are six places to do just that.

    Compiled by: Ari Vanuaranu

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  • Terrace-Rice Terrace-Rice

    On The Dragon’s Back

    Despite Guilin having its world renowned karst formation and spectacular scenes of the Li River, further away, a manmade marvel called the Longji terraces that has survived for thousands of years stand testament to man’s ingenuity in taming his environment.

    Words: R. Rajendra     Images:  Adam Lee &  Guilin Longji Tourism

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  • Jeepneys Jeepneys

    Mabuhay Philippines!

    The Philippines is a nation that is geographically set apart from mainland Southeast Asia, and comes with its own unique traditions and practices. It is a country defined by devout Catholicism, emerald-green rice fields, buzzing megacities, festivals and feasts, colourful jeepneys, smouldering volcanoes and truly resilient people.

    Words : Efi Hafizah Hamzah    Photography : Adam Lee & Getty Images

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  • preview preview

    Stairway To The Sky

    With carved rice terraces that climb heavenwards, the natural splendour of the Yunnan plateau in southern China is matched only by the unique cultural heritage of over 55 ethnic tribes who have made this rugged and often unforgiving landscape their home.

    Words: Carol West   Photography: Robert Muir

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