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  • Mall-of-Asia Mall-of-Asia

    Hello, Good Buy!

    Virtually every street in the Philippines has a sari-sari store (neighborhood convenience store) for basic needs, but for interesting pasalubong (souvenirs and gifts for people back home), look a little further for quality products at the best prices.

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  • Indasong Seoul Indasong Seoul

    Bag Your Bargains! The 6 Hottest Shopping Spots in Asia

    Are you a fashionista with an eye for luxury brands? Or perhaps a bargain hunter who’s always ready to fend off other overtly-zealous shoppers? Whatever your style of shopping is, you will love Asia’s best shopping spots!

    Compiled by: Ari Fajar

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  • 009 Tangkuban - Le Quoc Trung1 009 Tangkuban - Le Quoc Trung1

    High there, Bandung! A Weekend Itinerary

    What makes Bandung, a city 768 metres above sea level, a cool place? Get high on Bandung with this two-day itinerary.

    Words: Ari Fajar

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  • The Sydney Experience feature image The Sydney Experience feature image

    The Sydney Experience

    The smallest big city in the world, Sydney is a treasure throve of excitement. Sure, almost everyone with a Lonely Planet guidebook can pinpoint the must-sees of Sydney such as the Opera House, Darling Harbour and Paddington Market.  But there’s more to Sydney beyond all that jazz. While your wanderlust takes you through Sydney’s major tourist hotspots, pace down your journey and make a stop at one of these lesser known yet equally exciting places to visit as well! :)

    By: Irvin Hanni

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  • Sun lovin’ on a Koh Sun lovin’ on a Koh

    Top 10 Must-Do Thai Experiences!

    You cannot boast that you’ve truly been to Thailand (any part) till you’ve done all ten! This is your bucket list to an authentic Thailand Experience!

    Words : Ellyse Ng

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  • Bandung Shopping Bandung Shopping

    Bandung Raya Shopping

    Eid al-Fitr, better known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malaysia, is fast approaching… meaning it’s time for some serious shopping! It’s never too early to do so, especially if you don’t want to get unfashionably famished during Ramadan shopping (with the fasting month and all). Our Indonesian writer Ari heads over to shopping capital Bandung for a quick getaway and Ramadan shopping spree, where he happily shares his list of favourite spots around town – complete with a killer shopping map to boot!

    Words: Ari Fajar

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  • Pressed-for-Pleasure-preview Pressed-for-Pleasure-preview

    Pressed For Pleasure

    The art of pampering has risen to heights so sublime, a visit to a spa more than just relaxes the body; it awakens the spirit and energises the soul. Here’s a list of our favourite spas around the region that welcome you into a playground of pleasure, where your physical and spiritual wellbeing is the ultimate goal.

    Words: R. Rajendra

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