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    Finished With Fins

    Having evolved to perfection over millions of years, the shark is now on the brink of extinction no thanks to indiscriminate harvesting of its fins. Despite its terrifying reputation, this creature is under serious threat and may be totally wiped out if the citizens of Earth do not stand up and say that they are “FINished with Fins!” 

    Words: Shark Savers Malaysia 

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    我和老公Ewen是在2012年1月通过 Instagram上认识的,我是台湾人,他是马来西亚人。原本不认识的我们,因为喜欢对方的照片而开始互相follow,不过却从未在彼此的照片上留言,直到我看见他拍了一张村上春树的书的照片,我们便开始在Instagram上互相留言交谈起来了。


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    Taiwanese Treasures: Last Train Station to Nostalgia

    Once a timber town and the last stop on the Jiji Railway Line, Central Taiwan’s little village of Checheng preserves its history on and off the tracks, earning it a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Hop on the narrow-gauge railway for an impromptu excursion back to simpler times.

    Words & Photography: Abby Yao

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    24 Hours at Sun Moon Lake

    Legendary Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s top attractions, and rightly so. Sparkling waters in turquoise and cerulean hues framed by misty peaks and leafy trails are perfect for leisurely strolls, picturesque hikes and well-planned cycling routes. Our 24-hour itinerary takes you on an overnight excursion just a few hours away from Taipei.

    Words & Photography: Abby Yao

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  • 去台北泡“女巫之汤”





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  • Hot Spring Kingdom

    Hot spring in Taiwan, anyone?

    Imagine sinking into a welcoming hot spring pool on a frigidly cold day, while you unperturbedly sip on that calming cup of Chinese tea as time passes by slowly. Guess what? You’re only a flight away from relaxing hot springs and utter bliss!

    Words by: Shafiqah Shafie

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