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With the ever growing need to move away from traditional advertising avenues and to maximize your advertising dollars, AirAsia has come up with a unique and effective way to reach a wide spectrum of consumers.

Utilising the growing reach of Asia's No. 1 Low Fare Airline, AirSpace Advertising allows you to communicate directly with AirAsia's broad spectrum of passengers, giving you a channel to get your message across effectively.

Inflight magazine

travel360 magazines
Unique magazine cover for each country: Global, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Japan
Our lively travel360 magazine has op-end content, engaging features and a potential readership of...

5,000,000 readership

travel360 is a monthly inflight magazine that is available on every AirAsia aircraft. As an advertiser, you can opt for a one-off advertisement for the month of your choice or go for a 3-, 6- or 12-month multiple insertions to ensure your brand flies the sky for an extended period.

Online and new media

Online and new media

Advertising on the easiest way to guarantee millions of eyes on your advertisement:

Ambient media

With AirAsia's fleet covering over 270 flight routes, you can target different passengers based on their travel route, origin or destination and demographic profile with a variety of impactful, route specific advertising options.

Advertising enquiries

PHAR Partnerships is the exclusive media sales agency of AirAsia, responsible for all media sales across print, online, ambient and new media. PHAR Partnerships enables brands to connect and engage with the 600 million population of the ASEAN region.

With over 15 years of experience in the world of media and sponsorship, we strive to offer to offer you creative, cost effective solutions that deliver excellent ROI and target your desired customer base.

For more information about these exciting advertising opportunities and more, please contact a member of our sales team.

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